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Information required for trademark registration: Full name, address and nationality of the applicant; Description of the trademark: meaning, colors claimed, translation or transliteration of characters into Vietnamese if the trademark contains... » Read more
Under the provisions of the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of aliens in Vietnam in 2014, temporary residence card is a kind of paper issued to aliens by the Immigration Authority of the Appropriate Authority of the Ministry of Foreign... » Read more
Overseas business demanding for market exploration and trade promotion in Vietnam should establish the representative office. To facilitate establishing representative office of overseas business in Vietnam, Viet An Law details procedures and... » Read more

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Investment consultant

Investment consultant

Viet An Law Firm proudly announces itself as one of the leading law firms specialized in provision of investment consultancy. Viet An Law Firm has been providing the legal consultancy and support for investor’s researching, projecting, fulfilling documents to be granted with Investment Permit to implement many domestic and oversea investment projects. Viet An Law Firm’s investment-related services include: » Read more

Labour Law Consultancy

labour law

To help foreigners coming to Vietnam to work and stay understand Vietnam’s legal regulations so that they can save time and money for legal procedures, Viet An Law provides consultancy on labor code, immigration to Vietnam, work permit and for-work temporary residence card. Especially, we provide foreigners consultancy on regulations on and conditions for employment in Vietnam…» Read more

Other legal consultancy

legal consultancy

To help foreigners coming to Vietnam work and do investment in the most favorable conditions, Viet An Law provides many types of legal consultancy services to save your time and money such as regular legal consultancy, consultancy on applying for licence for overseas investor in Vietnam, consultancy on buying Vietnam-based house for foreigners, consultancy on tax issues for foreigners with income…» Read more

Vietnam intellectual property

intellectual property

Viet An Law is trusted by clients for not only as a legal consultancy service provider but also as a legal and prestigious intellectual property representative in Vietnam. Incorporated in 2007, intellectual property representative Viet An has provided consultancy to thousands of clients in relation to issues such as extension, claims against intellectual properties in Vietnam, application for intellectual…» Read more

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