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Contract consultancy in Vietnam

Contract consulting in general and commercial contract drafting consulting in particular require a lot of skills and in-depth knowledge of the contract field as well as relevant legal regulations. When consulting on contracts, the consultant drafting the contract not only ensures the benefits of the parties in the contract but also must anticipate risks that will occur in the future to be able to adjust the contract terms. consistent with practical circumstances and legal regulations. Furthermore, the role of contracts in business transactions is increasingly important because the partners in business contracts are mostly professional businessmen about the law on issues related to the business content of the contract as well as regulations related to invalid contracts and dispute resolution. With a team of lawyers who understand business and commercial law and have a lot of practical experience in the business activities of enterprises, Viet An law firm will provide comprehensive support to clients via contract consultancy services in Vietnam.


Legal consulting services on contracts

  • Consulting on legal regulations and practical application related to terms in various types of enterprise contracts;
  • Participate in contract negotiations with parties,
  • Consulting and participating in the negotiation stages to sign contracts with businesses;
  • Research relevant documents, and find out relevant information about the parties to the contract in specific cases according to the requirements of the business, thereby providing optimal consulting solutions for drafting and signing contracts, ensuring maximum benefits for the business, and balancing the interests of the parties in the contract;
  • Appraise the contents of the draft contract between the enterprise and its partners according to the requirements of the enterprise and according to the provisions of law;
  • Legal advice on other related issues based on the provisions of the law on contracts at the request of the business;
  • Consulting and resolving contract disputes;
  • Consulting and explaining contract-related content for businesses;
  • Comprehensive consulting on issues related to corporate contracts.

Contract drafting service

Draft contracts based on the requirements of the business and according to the provisions of law, ensuring maximum client benefits and balancing the interests of the parties in the contract.

Some information clients need to provide when using contract consultancy services in Vietnam

  • Information of the parties to the Contract (if an individual: provide identity card, if an organization: provide Business Registration Certificate of the parties);
  • Contract type:
  • Basic content of the Contract aimed at both parties;
  • Contract value and payment method and term;
  • Duration of contract;
  • Basic rights and responsibilities of the parties (if the two parties have a basic agreement);
  • Designated dispute resolution agency (if any).

In case the client does not have the above specific information, we will support the client with the non-specific information so that the client has a comprehensive view of the contract that will be drafted in the future.

Contract consulting process of Viet An law firm

Step 1: Receive client information and requests

Receiving information and requests for contract consulting services is an important step for lawyers to have an overview of the work content and nature of the contract the client is aiming for so that the lawyer can advise allowing clients to choose the type of contract that suits their internal needs.

Step 2: Lawyers participate in consulting and negotiating with the parties

Step 3: Viet An Law Firm prepares the completed contract for the client

Based on legal advice, and the final agreements of the parties in the contract, Viet An Law will draft the contract based on the client’s decisions and choices.

Step 4: Transfer the completed contract to the client to finalize and sign

In case the parties have inconsistent content, Viet An law firm’s lawyers will provide corresponding legal opinions for the parties to consider and consider finding a common voice to come to an agreement and sign the contract. present contract.

Types of contracts Viet An Law regularly advises on drafting contract

  • Consulting and drafting contracts in the field of trade in goods: goods purchase and sale contracts, goods processing contracts, commercial brokerage contracts, commercial cooperation contracts, agency contracts, contracts entrusted purchase and sale of goods, international goods purchase and sale contracts;
  • Consulting and drafting business cooperation contracts: Business cooperation contracts between individuals and legal entities, Business cooperation contracts between legal entities and legal entities, Business cooperation contracts between Vietnamese traders and foreign traders;
  • Consulting and drafting intellectual property transfer contracts, including consulting on trademark licensing contracts, intellectual property transfer contracts, technology transfer contracts, and commercial franchise contracts;
  • Consulting and drafting capital contribution contracts to establish a company, capital management trust contracts, company purchase and sale contracts, business mergers, and authorization contracts;
  • Consulting, drafting real estate investment and business contracts: transfer, lease, leasing, brokerage, management, and business cooperation related to real estate;
  • Consulting and drafting contracts in the field of construction: design consulting, construction consulting, project management consulting contracts, EPC general contractor contracts, turnkey contracts…;
  • Consulting and drafting contracts in the field of transportation: forwarding contracts, warehouse rental contracts, logistics contracts, car rental contracts…;
  • Consulting and drafting contracts in the fields of finance and insurance: guarantee contracts, mortgage contracts, mortgage contracts, loan and lending contracts, life insurance contracts, property insurance, professional liability insurance…;
  • Consulting and drafting commercial service contracts: sponsorship contracts, advertising contracts, service provision contracts, media contracts;
  • Consulting, drafting project transfer contracts, securities purchase and transfer contracts (stocks, bonds, and other valuable papers);
  • Consulting and drafting contracts related to labor relations: labor contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, training contracts, human resources recruitment, labor regulations, labor agreements collective;
  • Consulting and drafting contracts in civil transactions: asset division contracts, asset loan contracts, money loan contracts, property loan contracts, house rental contracts, house loan contracts…

Some frequently asked questions related to contract consultancy services in Vietnam

Can any lawyer advise on contracts?

In reality, not all lawyers can advise on good contracts. Therefore, choosing a good lawyer with extensive knowledge and practical experience related to the content of the contract to be consulted is extremely important, determining the rigor and ensuring good rights and benefits of the parties in the contract and anticipating legal risks arising between the parties in the contract in the future.

Why are there differences in contract consulting service costs?

Contract consulting costs can vary widely between law firms. It is easy to understand that if a law firm has a good lawyer with good expertise, experience, and practical ability, the cost will normally be higher. However, many lawyers with good experience and expertise still charge appropriate service fees, meeting the highest needs of clients.

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