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Legal Contract Advisors

Consulting on drafting a contract in general and the commercial contract in particular, requesting plenty of skills as well as knowns insights the legal relevant regulations.

When consulting on the contract, the consultants on drafting a contract not only ensure the interests of the parties in the contract, that also to be expected risks will arise in the future, to adjust the terms of the contract will be suitable with the practical circumstances and legal regulations.

In addition, the role of contracts in a company’s transactions is increasingly important due to the partners in the contract of the company are mostly professional, and have knowledgeable on issues relevant to the contents of the contract as well as relevant regulations invalid contracts, dispute solutions.

With our team of lawyers knowledgeable about business law, commercial law, have plenty of experience practicing on the business operating of the company, Viet An Law Firm will assist Clients comprehensively in consulting and drafting contracts, assist Clients in the process of negotiating, signing, and implementing contracts in business operating.

Contractual service in Vietnam

Services of Viet An Law Firm in consulting contract

  • Consulting on the legal regulations and the application in practice related to the terms in the contracts of the company;
  • Participate in the process of contract negotiations
  • Consulting and participate periods negotiation to implement signing contracts with the company;
  • Research relevant documents, research relevant information about the contract’s parties, details in accordance request of the company, then provide consulting solutions for drafting and signing contracts, ensure maximum benefits for the company and balancing the interests of the parties in the contracts;
  • Review the contents in the draft contract of the company with the partners according to the request of the company and the legal regulations;
  • Drafting the contract under the request of the company and legal regulation, ensure maximum the interests of Clients and balancing the interests of the parties in the contracts;
  • Legal consulting on other relevant issues under the legal regulations about the contract at the request of the company;
  • Consulting, contract dispute dissolution
  • Consulting, explaining the relevant contents’ contract for the company;
  • Comprehensive consulting on issues related to contracts of the company.

The types of contracts that Viet An Law Firm always consults and drafts for the company

  • Consulting and drafting contracts in the field of trade in goods: goods purchase and sale contracts, goods processing contracts, commercial brokerage contracts, commercial cooperation contracts, agency contracts, contracts goods purchase and sale entrustment, international goods sale and purchase contracts;
  • Consulting and drafting business cooperation contracts: Business cooperation contracts between individuals and juridical persons, Business cooperation contracts between juridical persons and juridical persons, Business cooperation contracts between Vietnamese traders and foreign traders;
  • Consulting and drafting intellectual property rights transfer contracts, including consultancy on trademark licensing contracts, intellectual property rights transfer contracts, technology transfer contracts, and commercial franchising contracts;
  • Consulting, drafting contracts of capital contribution to establish companies, entrustment contracts for capital management, company purchase contracts, business mergers, authorization contracts;
  • Consulting, drafting real estate investment and business contracts: transfer, lease, brokerage, management, business cooperation related to real estate;
  • Consulting, drafting in the field of construction: design consultant, construction consultant, project management consulting contract, EPC general contractor contract, Engineering – Construction, Engineering – Procurement;
  • Consulting, drafting contracts in the field of transportation: forwarding contracts, warehouse leasing contracts, logistics contracts, car rental contracts
  • Consulting, drafting contracts in the field of finance and insurance: guarantee contracts, mortgage contracts, mortgage contracts, loan and loan contracts, life insurance contracts, property insurance, professional liability insurance
  • Consulting, drafting commercial service contracts: sponsorship contracts, advertising contracts, service provider contracts, communication contracts;
  • Consulting, drafting project transfer contracts, securities trading and transfer contracts (stocks, bonds, and other valuable papers);
  • Consulting, drafting contracts refer to labor relations: labor contracts, non-disclosure agreements; non-compete agreements; training contracts, human resources recruitments, labor rules, collective labor agreements
  • Drafting and consulting contracts in civil transactions: common property division contract, Contracts for borrowing property, Contracts for a loan of money, housing lease agreement, Contracts for borrowing houses, …

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