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Accounting Service in Vietnam

Each enterprise needs to have employees who are knowledgeable in accounting, tax, and law to ensure that the enterprise properly and fully fulfills its obligations to declare and pay taxes on time and under law. Accounting service also helps enterprises to prevent unnecessary risks in the process of production and business activities. However, having good employees, knowledgeable about accounting, tax, and law, especially for small and medium enterprises is not easy. Moreover, even employees who have many years of experience but only work at one business, sometimes collision is not much, which leads to lacking coverage to anticipate all accounting, tax, legal issues. Providing accounting services and legal issues arising from Viet An Tax Agent as known as Viet An Law Firm is a perfect solution to help enterprises to have a team of qualified employees – with a high level of expertise and long-term experience to support enterprise's requirements. On the other hand, the cost is minimized while still achieving the best efficiency for enterprises in accounting, tax, and legal activities.


Accounting Service in Vietnam


Which businesses are accounting services of Viet An Tax Agent suitable for?

  • Newly established businesses without accountants;
  • Businesses that have accountants but accountants who do not have much experience in tax accounting need the support of tax agents;
  • Businesses need to review tax declaration dossiers;
  • Businesses need to carry out tax finalization procedures according to regulations;
  • Businesses need to review, complete inspection and even resubmit tax declarations and financial statements of previous years due to doubts about the accuracy and qualifications, and capacity of the company’s accountants;
  • Businesses that already have good accountants but still want to have a tax agent to accompany them to have the best support of the tax accounting.


Frequently asked questions about tax declarations


When to declare license fees?


  • For newly established enterprises, declaring license fees and submitting declarations to the tax managing authorities directly before January 30 of the year preceding the establishment or inauguration year.
  • If there is a change in the enterprise’s charter capital, the enterprise shall declare the license fee before January 30 of the year succeeding the year in which the change occurs.
  • If the enterprise does not change its capital, it only has to pay the license fee every year without having to submit a license fee declaration.


What is the deadline for submitting the declaration?


No later than January 30 every year


Quarterly, if the enterprise does not generate anything, does it have to submit a VAT declaration?


For value-added tax declaration: Enterprises that do not generate input and output invoices will still have to submit a value-added tax (VAT) declaration by the deadline for tax declaration and payment.

Does the enterprise have to submit an invoice usage report quarterly?


For the report on the use of invoices: Enterprises still need to declare even though the company’s value-added invoices have not been issued (if the company has carried out the procedures for notifying the issuance of value-added invoices).


Does the enterprise without revenue and expenses have to submit year-end financial statements?


Enterprise needs to note that even though the enterprise has no business activities, it still has to prepare and submit year-end financial statements for the year of operation.


Tax accounting services provided by Viet An Tax Agent


Tax accounting services for newly established enterprises


  • Consult legal and accounting procedures according to regulations related to the field in which enterprise operates;
  • Guide and declare tax declaration dossier for newly established enterprises, including submit license fee declarations, pay the license fee; register to discuss information with tax authorities; register for electronic tax payment; give the notice to issue an electronic invoice, and other tax declaration procedures...
  • Consult, declare and pay taxes arising in the operation of the enterprise;
  • Represent for enterprise to discuss directly with the tax authorities as a tax agent;


Tax accounting services for enterprises that have been operating for many years


  • Consult tax accounting receipts and documents that enterprises need to have;
  • Consult, complete the accounting system for enterprises;
  • Advise how to keep accounting documents under current laws;
  • Advise generally preliminary knowledge for enterprises related to value-added tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax, contractor tax, and other related taxes;
  • Consult financial strategy planning, reasonable cost balance in business activities of enterprises;
  • Represent for enterprise to discuss directly with the tax authorities as a tax agent;


Monthly and quarterly tax accounting services


  • Consult customers to gather invoices, receipts, accompanying legal documents for valid input and output invoices as prescribed;
  • Receive invoices and receipts from enterprises, advise the reasonableness, validity, and legality of arising documents;
  • Complete documents and account for arising operations to balance value-added tax, personal income tax, import and export goods report, debt situation for the enterprise;
  • Declare and submit value-added tax reports;
  • Declare and submit reports on the use of invoices;
  • Declare and submit personal income tax reports (if there is a withholding of personal income tax in the period);
  • Pay temporary corporate income tax;
  • Submit other arising tax reports according to business needs.


Year-end tax accounting services


  • Synthesize dossiers and documents by year of enterprises;
  • Review documents and overall invoices for businesses;
  • Prepare and submit financial statements and finalization of personal income tax and corporate income tax;
  • Support audit reports (applicable to foreign-invested companies or special enterprises that must perform audit annual financial statements);
  • Print and complete the accounting system according to the regulations on handing over to enterprise;
  • Guide enterprise to keep receipts and documents by year.


If customers need to use accounting services, please contact Law Firm – Viet An Tax Agent for the best support!


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Ms. Diep: Tax Accounting Consultant

Ms. Diep: Tax Accounting Consultant

Name is NGUYEN THI NGOC DIEP (Mrs), Position: Tax consultant, Tel: (84) 986 601 277 (Zalo), Skype: acc1.luatvietan, Email: acc1@vietanlaw.vn.
Mr.Dong: Tax & Accounting Consultant

Mr.Dong: Tax & Accounting Consultant

Name is NGUYEN MANH DONG (MR.), Position: Tax & accounting consultant, Tel: +(84) 981 558 368 (Whatsapp, Zalo, Viber, Skype), Email: acc@luatvietan.vn
Ms. Ngo Hai Yen - Tax & Accounting Consultancy

Ms. Ngo Hai Yen - Tax & Accounting Consultancy

I have over 1.5 years of experience in accounting and finance. As a part of Viet An Law Firm, I always desire and wish to contribute my best for the…
Ms. Nga: Tax & Accounting Consultant

Ms. Nga: Tax & Accounting Consultant

Name is TRAN THI NGUYET NGA (Ms), Position: Tax consultant, Tel: (84) 977578893 (Zalo), email: acchcm@luatvietan.vn
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