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Regular legal consultancy in Vietnam

During business activities, avoiding legal risks that may occur during the business process, ensuring maximum benefits as well and properly implementing and regularly updating legal regulations are something that any business is aiming for. To contribute to solving the demands and bringing the highest benefits to businesses, Viet An Law provides regular legal consultation services to businesses with specific consulting content as follows.

Regular legal consultancy in Vietnam


Comprehensive consulting on legal issues of businesses

  • Consulting and completing legal documents related to organizational structure, regimes, policies, and internal regulations;
  • Consulting and checking legal documents and licenses related to business operating conditions of the enterprise;
  • Legal advice on contracts, contract disputes, legal verification of contracts, and transaction documents between businesses and third parties to ensure that they do not violate legal prohibitions.
  • Consulting on Labor law, and insurance, reviewing legal documents between businesses and employees such as labor contracts, labor regulations, and collective labor agreements,…;
  • Legal advice on taxes and accounting for businesses. Review tax declarations and reports of businesses
  • Legal advice on intellectual property and technology transfer;
  • Represent and participate in meetings organized by clients to negotiate and resolve simple cases outside of litigation (cases that have not yet been resolved at competent state agencies or arbitration).
  • Consulting and implementing procedures for transfer and sale, company conversion, change of business registration, and implementation of separate legal procedures at competent state agencies…
  • Party B’s representative works with individuals, organizations, and state agencies related to legal issues.
  • Other activities related to business operations…

Regular legal consultancy service packages provided by Viet An Law

Initial basic regular legal consultation service package

Service package purpose: Provide the most comprehensive and basic consulting to businesses so that they operate by the law. Services to complete legal documents according to the nature of each business and according to the provisions of law.

Consulting content Executive time
Consulting on business legal review: Business registration, capital contribution, business lines 03-05

working day

Consulting on business conditions of enterprises
Consulting on internal records that need to be kept in the enterprise
Legal advice on tax and accounting records in enterprises 05-07

working day

Legal advice on labor relations, labor records in enterprises 02-03
Legal advice on intellectual property in businesses: trademarks, designs, inventions, copyrights, barcodes, domain names, e-commerce websites… 01-02

Information customers need to provide to perform regular legal consulting services of Viet An Law

Enterprises provide information to Viet An Law as follows:

  • Photocopies of enterprise registrations from establishment to present;
  • Capital contribution documents from inception to the present time;
  • Clearly state the business content the company is conducting;
  • Current management structure in the business: who is the president, director, accountant,… current organization and department size
  • List of personnel, labor contracts, internal rules, and regulations issued;
  • Tax declaration account information, current tax declaration status of the business;
  • Trademarks in use, intellectual property certificates;
  • Other documents according to the business’s operating situation;

Process of providing regular legal consulting services

  • Enterprises provide information as requested and send it to Viet An Law;
  • Viet An Law reviews and advises businesses by written consultation or by phone, email or directly scheduling work according to actual needs.
  • In case other services arise, Viet An Law will provide specific services to customers.

In-depth regular legal consultancy service package

Service package purpose: Consulting in detail on each specific content arising during the business operations of the enterprise.

Consulting content Executive time
Consulting and answering legal questions via email and phone in the fields of business, investment, labor, tax, civil, contracts, intellectual property, commercial disputes,…. Respond to consultation documents within 02 working days at most


Provide notice of new legal regulations related to the main business activities of the enterprise, new documents related to accounting taxes, labor, and fields of operation for each enterprise,…
Consulting and performing separate services such as reviewing consulting, drafting contracts, consulting on changing business registration, trademark registration, consulting on dispute resolution, and granting business licenses. business, registering labor regulations….. Time depends on each case
Legal advice by the hour Hourly

Viet An Law Firm is both a law practice organization, an intellectual property representative, and a tax agent. We are proud to provide a variety of regular legal consulting services and handle the overall operations of the business with a team of lawyers, and an intellectual property representative. Our staff with highly specialized tax agent certificates and professional ethics will always be ready to accompany and support legal issues for all domestic and foreign organizations and individuals.

If you have any difficulties or problems, please contact or email us for the fastest and most timely support!

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