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Tax accounting consulting services in Vietnam

According to normal practice, businesses often recruit their own accountants to be able to do everything related to the business’s accounting work, including tax accounting. Although these accounting personnel are very versatile, they also handle the company’s work to minimize immediate costs for the business. However, self-declaration or hiring an accountant with little experience, not much contact with reality, and lack of updated tax law knowledge leads to many potential difficulties, lack of comprehensiveness, and disadvantages for businesses, even a risk when tax authorities inspect tax settlement. With the criteria: Reducing risks and costs for businesses “, Viet An Tax Agent provides tax accounting services to support businesses with tax procedures and accounting operations, completing accounting books, throughout the process of establishment and operation, supporting and representing businesses during the inspection and tax settlement process to help businesses feel secure in business development and optimize their production and business nationwide.

Tax advisors

Consulting on tax declaration and reporting procedures and processes; Consulting on state regulations on tax and accounting related to the field in which the business operates;

Tax accounting consulting services in Vietnam for newly established businesses

  • Submit license fee declaration and pay license tax;
  • Register to exchange information with tax authorities;
  • Register a bank account, and register to pay taxes electronically;
  • Notice of invoice issuance;
  • Register the tax deduction method and depreciation of fixed assets.
  • On behalf of the business, work directly with the tax authority.
  • Explain to the tax authority the business’s arising issues;
  • Prepare tax records and tax books in accordance with accounting standards and legal regulations.

Tax accounting services for businesses have operated stably

  • Review and re-check all previous tax declarations and financial reports;
  • Review tax accounting records and books;
  • Review and check original documents and legal documents of the enterprise’s operations;
  • Prepare tax reports and declare taxes, pay taxes for businesses;
  • Complete documents, accounting books, and taxes for businesses;
  • Prepare financial reports for the company at the end of the year;
  • Support and consulting on financial statement audits for businesses that are required to have their financial statements audited;
  • On behalf of businesses, work directly with tax authorities, explain tax declarations, finalization, tax inspection, etc.

The content of the full package tax accounting service

  • Consulting and perfecting the accounting book system for businesses, advising on how to keep accounting books and documents according to current legal regulations;
  • Comprehensive consulting on preliminary knowledge for businesses related to value-added tax, corporate income tax, and personal income tax;
  • Consulting on financial strategic planning, balancing reasonable costs in business operations of the enterprise;
  • Representing businesses to work and explain to state agencies.

Monthly and quarterly accounting service work

  • Receive invoices and documents from businesses, and advise on the reasonableness, validity, and legality of arising documents;
  • Complete documents and account for arising operations to balance VAT, personal income tax, import and export inventory, and debt situation for the business;
  • Declare and submit value-added tax reports;
  • Declare and submit reports on invoice usage;
  • Declare and submit personal income tax reports (if personal income tax is deducted during the period);
  • Pay provisional corporate income tax.

Year-end accounting service work

  • Prepare and submit financial reports and personal income tax and corporate income tax finalization;
  • Print and complete the book system according to regulations handed over to the business.

If your business has difficulty declaring and carrying out tax procedures, please contact Viet An Tax Agent to receive the fastest and most accurate full tax accounting service support!

Factors affecting tax accounting service fees for businesses

For each different business, there will be different accounting service prices. Accounting service fees are determined based on the following factors:

  • The field of operation of the business, accordingly, manufacturing companies will have different tax accounting service fees from service and trade companies or based on specific industries;
  • Number of invoices generated;
  • Company revenue;
  • Scale of operating company;
  • Number of employees;
  • The amount of work arising;
  • Time needed to complete;
  • Process of completing documents, etc.

Based on the above factors, Viet An Tax Agent will consider, advise, and offer the service package most suitable to the reality of the business to save maximum costs, increase work efficiency, and be most profitable for businesses.

Information customers need to provide when using tax accounting services of Viet An Tax Agent

In order for Viet An’s tax accounting services to be provided to businesses effectively and safely, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and legal regulations, close coordination from businesses is required, accordingly. Every month, businesses need to provide scanned copies of original documents to Viet An to perform tax accounting services as follows:

  • Bank records, documents, payment orders, statements;
  • Contracts and liquidation of contracts signed by enterprises with partners that issue invoices generating revenue and expenditure activities and tax declaration;
  • Quantity tables, social insurance records of employees, labor contracts;
  • Customs documents, customs declaration (if any);
  • Output and input invoices;
  • Digital signature, if you have not purchased or expired, Viet An can support the purchase with very goodwill;
  • Consumption norms of goods, raw materials (if any), inventory, etc.
  • Previous financial statements (if any).
  • Legal and accounting records arise in special cases to protect the maximum interests of the business.

Why should your business use Viet An’s tax agency and accounting services?

Tax agency services are a less common concept than accounting and auditing services but play an important role, serving as a bridge between tax authorities and taxpayers; Supporting and creating favorable conditions for taxpayers to comply with tax laws; Reducing costs in time and resources for both tax authorities and taxpayers to enforce tax laws.

What is the tax agent?

A tax agent is a unit that provides services to carry out tax procedures and is an enterprise that meets all conditions to conduct tax procedure services according to the provisions of the Law on Tax Administration and other relevant legal provisions.

What are the advantages of tax agent services? What practical effects will using tax agent services bring to businesses?

Expertise and professionalism

The tax agency is a conditional business. Before operating, tax agents must carry out procedures to apply for a Certificate of eligibility to conduct tax procedure service business, and tax agent employees must have a tax procedure service practice certificate issued by the General Department of Taxation.

Therefore, tax agents are completely qualified and skilled, avoiding tax risks.

Take responsibility and minimize tax risks for businesses

Circular 10/2021/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance stipulates:

Tax agents are responsible for declaring, signing, and stamping tax declarations, tax records, tax payment documents, tax finalization records, tax refund records, tax exemption, and tax reduction records and are responsible for providing accurate and timely documents and vouchers at the request of the tax administration agency to prove the accuracy of tax declaration, tax payment, tax finalization, and tax exempted amount, reduced tax amount, refunded tax amount of the taxpayer.

In case a tax agent colludes with a taxpayer or commits acts of tax evasion, or violation of tax procedures, the taxpayer will still be responsible before the law for the above violations. Tax agents must be jointly responsible and must pay compensation to tax-paying organizations and individuals according to contracts signed with tax-paying organizations and individuals.

Enterprises can feel secure in production and business

When using a tax agent, businesses will have very convenient procedures for declaring, paying, and refunding taxes in accordance with the provisions of tax administration law. All tax-related procedures will be carried out by tax agents. The company does not have to waste time and human resources on carrying out tax declaration, payment, and refund procedures.

This has great significance for small and medium enterprises as well as large enterprises. Using tax agent services will help businesses have time, not to worry about tax regulations for businesses, to focus on business.

Cost savings

The cost of using tax agent services is lower than using accounting services, or hiring an experienced accountant to do tax declaration procedures.

Reasons to use tax accounting consulting services in Vietnam of Viet An Tax Agent

According to 2023 statistics from the General Department of Taxation, the country has nearly 1,000 tax agents, but the country has up to 900,000 businesses. Viet An Tax Agent is proud to be able to provide tax services and business support to many large and small businesses across the country. In addition to the general benefits when using tax agent services, businesses using Viet An Tax Agent services also enjoy many other benefits such as:

  • Receive incentives when using Viet An Law service for prestigious legal consulting such as: Establishing a business, changing business registration, applying for licenses, and intellectual property…;
  • A team of tax agents and lawyers who understand the law and legal procedures always accompany businesses throughout the process of production and business activities;
  • Viet An always commits to taking maximum responsibility for the services provided.
  • Ensure that the business’s operations and tax reporting always fully meet accounting standards and comply with the law.
  • Maximum support for arising issues related to accounting and tax activities of businesses;
  • Regularly update businesses on new tax policies and regulations for businesses.
  • Appoint human resources in charge of business operations. When necessary, the management department will coordinate to ensure the best quality of service for customers at the most reasonable cost.

If Clients need to use tax accounting services in Vietnam, please contact Viet An Tax Agent for quick and timely support and advice!

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