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Trademark registration in Jordan

Trademark registration is a critical process for businesses seeking to protect their brand identity in the Jordanian market. Located at the intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa, Jordan is an important transit point for international trade, bordering major markets such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Syria, facilitating exports. The tourism industry is an important contributor to Jordan’s GDP. Jordan possesses many unique cultural and natural heritages, attracting international tourists. Jordan has great potential for renewable energy, especially solar energy. The Jordanian government is accelerating the development of renewable energy, reducing its dependence on energy imports. Renewable energy can spur the development of new industries. In addition, the Jordanian government strives to improve the investment environment, attract foreign capital such as tax incentives and other supports for investors and a transparent and stable legal system. Therefore, more and more businesses are expanding their business scope here. To be able to distinguish their trademark from other competitors, enterprises need to pay attention to the trademark registration procedure. Viet An Law Firm would like to guide customers through the preliminary procedures for trademark registration in Jordan through the article below.

Trademark registration in Jordan

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    Legal basis

    • Law No. 33 of 1952 on Trademarks (amended until Law No. 15 of 2008)

    Definition of “trademark” in Jordan

    “Any visible sign that a person uses or will use to distinguish his or her goods or services from those of others.” This definition is given in Article 2 of the Jordanian Trademark Law No. 33 of 1952 (as amended by Law No. 34 of 1999).

    Visible sign: Means that the trademark is visible, including a logo, design, wording, symbol, or a combination of these elements.

    Used or to be used: The trademark may have been used or intended to be used in the future for the product or service.

    Distinction: The primary purpose of a trademark is to distinguish one owner’s goods or services from those of others.

    Types of trademarks that can be registered in Jordan

    Brand: This is the most common type. Any visible markings used to distinguish a claimant’s goods or services from those of others are considered trademarks. This type includes:

    • Words (brand name, slogan)
    • Design (logo, icon)
    • Shape (unique product packaging)
    • Color (specific color attached to the applicant’s trademark)
    • Combination of the above factors

    Collective mark: This type is used to identify the goods or services of the members of an association. Collective marks are registered in the name of the association and may not be used by non-members.

    Certification mark: This type endorses certain characteristics of goods or services, such as quality, provenance, or raw materials. A certification mark is not owned by the manufacturer but by a certification body responsible for ensuring standards are met.

    Conditions for trademark registration in Jordan

    Distinctiveness: Trademarks must be inherently distinguishable. This means that it must be able to identify the goods or services of the applicant and distinguish them from the goods or services of others. Trademarks must not be merely descriptive, generic or misleading.

    Non-conflict:  A trademark must not be identical or confusing to a trademark registered in Jordan for similar goods or services. This is aimed at avoiding confusing consumers.


    • The mark must be visible. This means that it should be something that can be seen, not sound, smell or feel.
    • Trademarks can be words, designs, symbols, shapes, colors, or combinations of these elements.
    • The trademark must be legal and not violate public order or morals.

    Trademark registration documents in Jordan

    To register a trademark in Jordan, the applicant needs to prepare a dossier including the following documents:

    Application form: The applicant can obtain an official trademark application form from the Jordanian Industrial Intellectual Property Protection Agency (JIPPD) or download it from their website at the following link: https://ippd.mit.gov.jo/Pages/viewpage.aspx?pageID=16 The application form will ask for detailed information about the applicant (applicant) and the trademark itself.

    Authorization (if applicable): If an applicant files through a trademark to handle the registration process, the applicant needs to provide authorization that allows them to act on the applicant’s behalf.

    Trademark representation: Applicants need to submit a clear representation of their trademark. This image can be in the form of drawings, image files, or photographs, depending on the nature of the mark. JIPPD may have specific requirements for the format and size of avatars.

    List of goods and services: The applicant should provide a clear and specific list of the goods or services for which the applicant intends to use the trademark. This helps JIPPD determine if there are potential conflicts with registered trademarks.

    Fees: The registration process includes a trademark registration fee paid to JIPPD. The fee may vary depending on the number of classes of goods and services the applicant registers.

    Additional documents (may be required):

    • Priority request (if applicable): If the applicant has filed a trademark application in another country and wishes to make a priority claim based on the date of the filing, the applicant needs to provide a certified copy of the previous application.
    • Statement of Use (in some cases): JIPPD may require a declaration of use if the trademark has not been used in Jordan.

    Trademark registration fees in Jordan

    The trademark registration fee in Jordan depends on several factors:

    • Number of classes: Jordan requires trademark registration for specific classes of goods or services. Each additional class you sign up for increases the fee.
    • Publication fees: There are separate fees for publishing a trademark application in the Official Gazette.
    • Filing Fee: This fee covers the administrative costs of processing your application by the Jordanian Industrial Intellectual Property Protection Agency (JIPPD).

    Here is a breakdown of estimated fees (based on information from Jordanian law firms):

    • Application fee for a class (including publication and registration): 875 JD (about 1,240 USD)
    • Additional class: 860 JD (approx. $1,220)
    • Further publication in the Official Gazette (per page): 125 JD (about 180 USD)

    How to file for trademark registration in Jordan

    To file for trademark protection in Jordan, you can file using the following filing methods:

    • Direct submission: You can go directly to the Jordanian Industrial Intellectual Property Protection Office (JIPPD) at P.O. Box 2019 11181 Amman Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to submit the application and related documents.
    • By Post: You can send your application form and all required documents via postal service or courier service to the address of the Jordanian Industrial Intellectual Property Protection Office (JIPPD) at P.O. Box 2019 11181 Amman Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
    • Submit online via website:

    Log in to the website and create an account to apply online https://ippd.mit.gov.jo/Pages/viewpage.aspx?pageID=44 When applying online, you should pay attention to the payment of the relevant fee according to the instructions of the Jordanian Industrial Intellectual Property Protection Agency (JIPPD).

    Trademark registration service in Jordan of Viet An Law Firm

    • Perform the search and notify customers in writing the results of trademark search in Jordan;
    • Draft documents and file and monitor the status of trademark filings in Jordan on behalf of trademark owners;
    • Inform, advise and handle deficiencies/refusals of competent State agencies (if any) in the process of monitoring trademark applications in Jordan;
    • Support follow-up, representative resolution of objections and feedback with intellectual property representatives carrying out procedures in Jordan.
    • Receive dispatches, certificates and hand over to customers (if any).

    If you need to file a trademark application in Jordan, please contact Viet An Law Firm for the most effective support.

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