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Trademark registration in Honduras

Trademark registration in Honduras, strategically located in Central America, has a long coastline adjacent to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, favorable for international trade. Honduras is also a member of many regional economic organizations such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and the Central American Integrated System (SICA), which facilitate extensive market access. In terms of natural resources, Honduras possesses abundant reserves of natural resources such as minerals (gold, silver, copper), fertile soil, tropical forests and abundant water resources. This facilitated the development of extractive, agricultural, forestry and hydroelectric power industries. Honduras also possesses many cultural heritages, beautiful and rich natural landscapes, with potential for tourism development. In addition, the Honduran government issued many tax incentives, tax exemptions and support for foreign investors. Therefore, more and more businesses are expanding their business scope in Honduras, in order to be able to distinguish their brands from other competitors, businesses need to pay attention to trademark registration procedures. Viet An Law Firm would like to guide customers through the preliminary procedures for trademark registration in Honduras through the article below.

Trademark application in Vietnam for sports fitness equipment

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    Legal basis

    • Law on Industrial Property (approved under Decree No. 12-99-E and amended by Decree No. 16-2006)

    Reasons to register a trademark in Honduras

    Brand Protection

    • Exclusivity: Trademark registration gives the holder exclusive ownership of the trademark within Honduras, preventing unauthorized use by others.
    • Anti-counterfeiting: Registration makes it easier for applicants to pursue liability for those who produce and sell counterfeit goods, protect the reputation and revenue of the applicant.
    • Competitive advantage: Registered trademarks build trust and professionalism for the brand, helping the applicant stand out from the competition.

    Market expansion

    • Honduras is the gateway to Central America: Trademark registration in Honduras gives applicants access to a market of more than 9 million people, while opening up export opportunities to other Central American countries.
    • Attracting investment: The registered trademark demonstrates the seriousness and commitment of the applicant to the Honduran market, attracting investment and business cooperation.

    Commercial value

    • Intangible asset: A registered trademark is an intangible asset of value, which can be valued, purchased, or licensed.
    • Increase business value: Strong brands contribute to increasing business value, creating advantages in mergers and acquisitions.

    Simple Process

    • Honduras has a relatively simple trademark registration process: Applicants can apply on their own or through a representative.
    • Reasonable registration fees: Trademark registration fees in Honduras are relatively low compared to other countries.

    Trademark definition in Honduras

    A trademark is defined as any tangible sign that distinguishes a business’s products or services from other businesses. This means that any element that helps consumers identify and distinguish the origin of goods or services can be considered trademarks. Here are some examples of what might be considered a trademark in Honduras:

    • Words (including company name, slogan)
    • Name (including pseudonym)
    • Shape (logo, product design)
    • Portrait
    • Letters, numbers, abbreviations
    • Label
    • Badge
    • Color (or color combination)
    • Audio (ringtone)
    • Scent

    Conditions for trademark registration in Honduras

    General conditions:

    • Distinguishability: The trademark must be able to distinguish the owner’s product or service from other businesses. Trademarks must not be generic or describe the product itself.
    • Legal: A trademark must not infringe an existing intellectual property right such as a registered trademark, copyright, or other invention.
    • Compliance with form regulations: A trademark application must meet the format and content requirements set forth by the Honduran Office of Industrial Property (DIGEPIH).

    Additional Terms: No Pre-Use Required: Unlike some countries, Honduras does not require proof of prior use for a trademark for registration.

    Trademark registration documents in Honduras

    Application Form: This form is provided by the Honduran Office of Industrial Property (DIGEPIH) and will ask for information on:

    • Owner: Information of the applicant (individual or company name, address, nationality)
    • Representation: If using legal representation, their information and power of attorney.
    • Trademark: A clear image of the trademark (logo, design, etc.)
    • Classification: The specific classes of goods or services to which the applicant’s trademark applies according to the International Classification of Goods and Services (Nice Classification). Applicants can find this classification system online.

    Fee payment receipt: A receipt or confirmation showing that the applicant has paid the registration fee set by DIGEPIH.

    Additional documents (if applicable): Company registration: If the owner is a company, a copy of the company’s official registration document in Honduras may be required.

    Trademark registration fees in Honduras

    The official fee to register a trademark in Honduras is around 4,500 HNL (Lempira Honduras). This fee covers the initial processing of the applicant’s application and other fees such as: Certification fee, Classification fee, Translation fee

    How to file for trademark registration in Honduras

    To file for trademark protection in Honduras, you can file using the following filing methods:

    • Direct submission: You can go directly to the Honduran Industrial Property Office (DIGEPIH) at Boulevard Juan Pablo Segundo Centro Cívico Gubernamental Tegucigalpa to submit your application and related documents.
    • By Post: You can send your application form and all required documents via postal service or courier service to the address of the Honduran Industrial Property Office (DIGEPIH), Boulevard, Juan Pablo, Segundo, Centro, Cívico, Gubernamental Tegucigalpa.
    • Submit online via website:

    Log in to the website and create an account to apply online https://www.ip.gob.hn  When applying online, you should pay attention to the payment of the relevant fee according to the instructions of the Honduran Office of Industrial Property.

    Trademark Application Processing Process in Honduras

    After submitting the trademark registration dossier, the state agency will process the dossier for about 6-12 months

    Form check: DIGEPIH will check if the application is complete and valid. If the application is invalid, DIGEPIH will ask the applicant to add additional information or make amends.

    Disclosure of application: If the application is valid, DIGEPIH will publish information about the application in the Honduran Official Gazette of Industrial Property. Anyone can object to an application within 3 months of publication.

    Review and decision: DIGEPIH will consider the application and object (if applicable). DIGEPIH will make a decision to accept or reject the application.

    Issuance of registration certificate: If the application is accepted, DIGEPIH will issue a trademark registration certificate to the applicant.

    Trademark registration service in Honduras of Viet An Law Firm

    • Perform the search and notify customers in writing of the results of trademark search in Honduras;
    • Draft the application and directly file and monitor the status of the trademark application filing on behalf of the trademark owner in Honduras;
    • Inform, advise and handle deficiencies/refusals of competent State agencies (if any) in the process of monitoring trademark applications in Honduras;
    • Assist in monitoring, representing the resolution of objections and responding to intellectual property representatives carrying out procedures in Honduras.
    • Receive dispatches, certificates and hand over to customers (if any).

    If you need to apply for trademark registration in Honduras, please contact Viet An Law Firm for the most effective support.

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