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Trademark search in Cambodia

In the increasingly fierce competition of the global business market, a corporate mark is not only a symbol of quality and prestige but also a guarantee of originality and creativity. Cambodia, with its mysterious beauty and promising economic potential, has quickly become an ideal destination for international brands looking to expand their reach and establish credibility. However, in the journey of promotion, trademark protection and management becomes a significant challenge. Because a trademark is not merely a name or symbol, but also contains the spirit and values of a brand, of a story, and even of a community. In this article, Viet An Law will guide customers on how to look up trademarks in Cambodia.

Trademark registration in Cambodia

Benefits of trademark search

Trademark search is not only a formal process to check the exclusivity and creativity of a brand, but also offers a host of important benefits to businesses, organizations and individuals. Here are some of the key benefits of trademark search:

  • Exclusivity Guarantee: A trademark search helps confirm that the trademark you want to register or use has not been previously registered by someone else. This helps ensure that you legally own and use the trademark.
  • Avoid time and cost: The number of trademark applications filed at the National Office of Intellectual Property every year is huge. Therefore, the selection of a trademark that is not similar to or identical to those filed in advance is important for owners who file later. In case the search results are not positive for the ability to register, this will help the applicant avoid losing money to register as well as waiting time for the National Office of Intellectual Property to approve the application (in addition to the time to research and create a new trademark).
  • Legal Risk Prevention: By looking up trademarks before making decisions about registration or use, you can avoid the risks associated with infringing the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Make a good impression: A registered and protected trademark will create a positive impression on customers and partners, demonstrating your professionalism and commitment to quality and reputation.
  • Asset Value: An exclusive trademark can become a valuable asset, increase brand value, and potentially generate income from licensing or resale.
  • Communications and Marketing Support: Proprietary brands help improve the effectiveness of communication and marketing campaigns, creating awareness and long-term engagement with customers.
  • Innovation and Innovation Protection: Trademark protection encourages creativity and innovation in business, while creating a healthy and fair competitive environment.
  • Legal Promotion and Legal Compliance: Trademark search is often accompanied by understanding and complying with relevant legal regulations, helping you maintain a clean and law-abiding business environment. In conclusion, trademark search is an important step in building and protecting the existence, name and value of a trademark in the market.

How to search a trademark at Cambodian website

Step 1: Visit the Website: https://www.cambodiaip.gov.kh/SearchMark.aspx

Step 2: Enter the data information to look up

At the agency’s website, you can search by trademark name, registration number, or other information related to the trademark you intend to register

For trademarks intended or about to register for protection

Searchers should pay attention to the following fields:

  • Trademark: enter the brand name you want to look up
  • Product/service group: According to the Nice classification of trademark subgroups.

For trademark search, a trademark application has been filed at the Intellectual Property office

In addition to the fields mentioned above, some more fields below are needed, so that the search takes place more quickly:

  • Application number: (if submitted enter application number)
  • Applicant/equal holder: If submitted correctly enter the name of the applicant/equal holder
  • Representative: search for submitted application.

How to look up a trademark on the site of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Before submitting an international application through the Madrid system, it is advisable to look up to search for identical or similar trademarks that already exist (or post pending) in the target market.

Use this guide to learn how to search WIPO’s Global Brand Database before submitting a trademark application and how to look up trademark registrations by national and regional trademark registries.

WIPO’s global database allows you to look up trademarks registered under the Madrid system, Appellations of origin registered under the Lisbon system and symbols protected under Article 6 of the Paris Convention. Several national trademark databases are also integrated in this database. Through this facility it is possible:

  • Execute a query for multiple data sources at the same time;
  • Learn about duplicate or similar trademarks through various search features such as “true-false”, similar, original, phonetic, and “near-similar” searchs;
  • Look up trademarks, duplicates or similar using the image search function.

Look up a trademark before filing if a secondary or similar trademark is found. It is better to detect a duplicate or similar trademark before filing an application than after filing. This information will enable the applicant to make an appropriate decision. It is important to identify duplicate or similar trademarks:

  • Whether or not it is registered for identical or related goods or services;
  • Whether or not an application has been filed or a valid registration.

If the trademark is identical or similar but registered for unrelated goods/services, you may decide to continue the registration. Similarly, if the trademark is the subject of a rejected application or of an expired registration, you may also continue the registration process.

Trademark search service in Cambodia of Viet An Law Firm

Trademark search records in Cambodia

03 brand models with dimensions larger than 3x3cm, not exceeding 8x8cm

Trademark search processing time in Cambodia

Time from 01 – 03 working days.

Specific tasks of lawyers when looking up trademarks

  • Consulting, searching trademarks, assessing the possibility of trademark registration in Vietnam and abroad;
  • Look up the status of the trademark application, look up the remaining term information of the registered trademark;
  • Determine the time limit for filing trademark applications for trademarks that have expired protection in Vietnam and abroad;
  • Look up details of information of trademark applicants, find relevant solutions to negotiate the transfer and use of trademarks when needed;
  • Look up and evaluate the possibility of granting protection certificates to trademarks;
  • Consulting on the feasibility of trademark registration;
  • Preliminary search of the possibility of trademark registration;
  • In-depth trademark search at the National Office of Intellectual Property;
  • Advising on amending and supplementing trademark information to be able to grant protection licenses after the search results.

In order to support businesses and individuals to establish trademark rights for their goods and services before going to the market in the fastest and most professional way. Viet An Law Firm guides the process of searching and registering trademarks for goods and services of customers.

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