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Trademark registration in Vietnam for toothbrush

Dental care is an integral part of everyone’s health care process. You can prevent many dental problems by developing and maintaining optimal oral care habits. Therefore, a toothbrush is an extremely familiar and essential item for every person.

Classification for trademark registration for toothbrush in Vietnam

Group 03:

Dental care preparations; oral hygiene preparations; preparations for cleaning teeth; toothpaste; lotions used to clean teeth; preparations for cleaning dentures; mouthwash; dental mouthwash, drug-free; non-medicated oral spray preparations; breath fresheners; breath fresheners; throat spray preparations (does not contain drugs); dental bleaching gel; teeth-whitening lozenges impregnated with teeth-whitening preparations (cosmetic); tooth polishing preparations; preparations for polishing dentures; dentifrice; moistened toothpaste; tablet preparations for personal use to detect tartar on the teeth.

Group 21:

Toothbrush; replacement toothbrush head.

Group 35:

Trading, importing and exporting: Dental care products; oral hygiene preparations, toothpaste, toothbrushes, replacement toothbrush heads.

Some famous trademarks of toothbrushes

Oral-B toothbrush BRAUN trademark

Is one of the famous toothbrush brands in Germany.

Swedish Tepe toothbrush trademark

Toothbrush brand Tepe originated in Sweden.

Colgate toothbrush trademark

Colgate toothbrush trademark has many products and is familiar in Vietnam.

Toothbrush P/S trademark

Speaking of the P/S brand, it must be no stranger to Vietnamese people in particular and the world in general. This is a famous brand of oral care products

Jordan toothbrush trademark

Compact design, medium-sized brush head, soft bristles help clean each tooth. No need to worry about the price problem

Sensodyne® Precision toothbrush trademark

This brand of toothbrush is trusted by many people with high quality.

Systema toothbrush trademark

This is a Japanese toothbrush brand belonging to the famous Lion Corporation

Curaprox toothbrush trademark

This is a toothbrush brand belonging to the Swiss company Curaden – a pioneer and famous company in the field of oral care.

Dr.Kool toothbrush trademark

This is a famous brush brand from Korea.

Dr. Best toothbrush trademark

Toothbrush Dr. Best belongs to a famous German brand

Procedure to trademark registration in Vietnam for toothbrush

Step 1: Select a mark and goods and services for the mark

  • Trademark selection: Select a trademark template that meets the protection criteria. The selected mark is not similar to other registered trademarks, well-known trademarks.
  • Select the list of registered products: You need to select the list of goods and services bearing the trademark according to the above instructions. Grouping of goods and services needs to be carried out according to the latest updated versions of the Nice International Classification of Trademarks.

Step 2: Search trademarks

Documents to prepare when searching for trademarks

To perform a trademark search, customers only need to provide Viet An Law with:

  • Trademark template;
  • List of goods and services to look up and register.

Step 3: Submit registration form

  • After an in-depth search and the mark is judged to be registrable, the applicant will proceed to submit a registration application.
  • Agencies receiving and processing dossiers and collecting registration fees in Vietnam: National Office of Intellectual Property.

Step 4: Formality examination of the application

  • The time limit for formality examination of a trademark application is one month from the filing date.
  • The NOIP will consider the application for eligibility in terms of form, label form, application owner, filing right, subheading, etc.
  • If the enterprise’s application meets the conditions. The NOIP will issue a Notice of Acceptance of a valid application and publish the application.
  • If the enterprise’s application does not meet the conditions. The NOIP will issue a Notice of Non-acceptance of the application and request the enterprise to amend it. The application owner and the applicant’s representative shall make amendments as required. Then, proceed to submit the revised official letter to the NOIP and pay an additional fee if the group is classified incorrectly.

Step 5: Publication of trademark application

  • Time limit for publication of trademark application: 02 months from the date of notification of valid application acceptance.
  • Contents of application publication include: Information about valid applications stated in the notice of acceptance of valid applications, trademark samples and a list of goods and services.

Step 6: Substantive examination of the application

Time limit for substantive examination: 09 months from the date of application publication.

Step 7: Pay the fee for granting a trademark protection title

After receiving the notice of intention to grant a protection title, the applicant shall pay the granting fee.

Customers wishing to trademark registration in Vietnam for toothbrush and abroad, please contact Viet An Law for the fastest, most professional support at the most reasonable cost!

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