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Trademark registration in Vietnam for pen products

The first use that the pens around us bring is to help us retain information, especially students and teachers. The pen will help them remember the content of the lesson on the notebook pages, and for teachers, in addition to remembering information, this item also helps them leave comments for their students. better. For those who already work, perhaps leaving notes on work and upcoming plans is indispensable.

Trademark registration pen products

Classifying trademark registration in Vietnam for pen products

To sell, trade, import and export pen products, a single owner registering a trademark need to group and register as follows:

Class 16

Ballpoint pens, fountain pens, pencils, brushes, drawing pens, parts of all types of pens.

Class 35

Purchasing, selling, importing, and exporting products related to pens: Ballpoint pens, fountain pens, pencils, brushes, drawing pens, and parts of all types of pens.

Famous and reputable pen trademarks

Waterman pen mark

Waterman was founded in 1883 and is a long-standing mark and also a legend in the world pen industry. One of the three founders of the mark – Lewis Edson Waterman made an important contribution to perfecting the ink pen, thanks to which we have the pen in the shape we have today.

Allan D’Lious pen mark

Allan D’Lious is an elegant, luxurious and signature pen mark. When using Allan D’Lious, you will show your status, confidence and shine. In addition, this high-end pen is also covered with glossy lacquer, an embossed logo, a gold-plated, and meticulously engraved patterns. In particular, you will encounter models with sparkling gemstones, showing the class and power of the owner.

Montblanc pen mark

Montblanc is a more than 100-year-old luxury pen mark that is most popular with businessmen today. The characteristic of Montblanc pens lies in their sophisticated design, the body is made of rare resin, and the nib, pen clip, and other details are made of 18K gold or plated with platinum or rhodium, which are more precious and more expensive than gold. The average price of a Montblanc pen product is about 200 USD.

Parker pen mark

The Parker pen mark was established very early (1888). Through more than 130 years of development, Parker has become a symbol of reliability and perfection. The mark’s pen lines are mainly designed in classic and luxurious, modern and sophisticated styles, serving the needs of many users, especially businessmen. Materials commonly used to produce Parker pens include gold, silver, brass, gold-plated, and stainless steel…

Sailor pen mark

Sailor was launched in 1911 by a famous Japanese founder named Kyu Goro Sakata. Although the company’s scale is still small compared to other brands in Japan, the quality of Sailor’s pens is always the highest rated. The company specializes in manufacturing fountain pens that are sophisticated, distinctive, and possess outstanding technical characteristics. Thanks to that, Sailor quickly became known globally, increasingly perfected, and left a strong impression in the hearts of users.

Dupont. S.T pen mark

Dupont. S.T is the signature pen mark of the upper class. The product is not only made of the highest quality and rarest materials, but Dupont pens also bring the beauty of a unique blend of Western and Eastern culture. Therefore, the selling price of a Dupont pen is quite high, usually over 500 USD, and is extremely favored by businessmen.

Thien Long pen mark

Thien Long is one of the famous pen manufacturers, receiving many positive reviews and feedback from users. Founded in 1981 by Ms. Gia Tho, with the initial product name being Vu Universe, in 1985 the name Thien Long was officially used. After more than 40 years of establishment and development, the Thien Long ballpoint pen mark has been increasingly affirmed, becoming a “heavyweight” competitor, directly affecting the sales of many other famous units.

Ben Nghe pen mark

Included in the list of famous pen trademarks in Vietnam, Ben Nghe is no longer a strange name to everyone today. To meet the increasing needs of users, the Ben Nghe ballpoint pen manufacturing mark constantly researches, analyzes and evaluates the market and launches many quality pen models that clients trust and choose.

Hong Ha pen mark

It would be a mistake not to mention the “famous” pen manufacturing mark Hong Ha. The products of this unit have accompanied Vietnamese consumers for the past 50 years, not only dominating the domestic market but also reaching the US market. Faced with today’s fierce competition, Hong Ha builds the right development strategy, focusing on improving quality, upgrading production technology, and expanding the distribution network.

Procedure to Trademark registration in Vietnam for pen products

Step 1: Select a mark, goods and services  for the trademark

The first step we need to trademark registration in Vietnam of generator products is to select a suitable and impressive mark.

  • Trademark selection: Select a trademark template that meets the protection criteria. The selected mark is not similar to other registered trademarks, well-known trademarks.
  • Select the list of registered products: You need to select the list of goods and services bearing the trademark according to the above instructions. Grouping of goods and services to be carried out according to the latest updated versions of the Nice International Classification of Trademarks.

Step 2: Research trademarks

To perform a trademark search, clients only need to provide Viet An Law:

  • Trademark template;
  • List of goods and services to research and register.

Step 3: Submit registration form

  • After a profound search and the mark is judged to be registrable, the applicant will proceed to submit a registration application.
  • Agencies receiving and processing dossiers and collecting registration fees in Vietnam: National Office of Intellectual Property.

Step 4: Formality examination of the application

  • The time limit for formal examination of a trademark application is 1 month from the filing date.
  • The NOIP will consider the application for eligibility in terms of form, label form, application owner, filing right, subheading, etc.
  • If the enterprise’s application meets the conditions. The NOIP will issue a Notice of acceptance of a valid application and publish the application.
  • If the enterprise’s application does not meet the conditions. The NOIP will issue a Notice of Non-acceptance of the application and request the enterprise to amend it. The application owner and the applicant’s representative shall make amendments as required. Then, proceed to submit the revised official letter to the NOIP and pay an additional fee if the group is classified incorrectly.

Step 5: Publication of trademark application

  • Time limit for publication of trademark application: 02 months from the date of notification of valid application acceptance.
  • Contents of the application announcement include: Information about valid applications stated in the notice of acceptance of valid applications, trademark samples, and a list of goods and services.

Step 6: Substantive examination of the application

The time limit for substantive examination is 09 months from the date of application publication.

Step 7: Pay the fee for granting a trademark protection title

The final step to trademark registration in Vietnam of pen products is after receiving the notice of intention to grant a protection title, the applicant shall pay the granting fee.

Clients need to register a trademark in Vietnam and abroad, please contact us Viet An Law Firm – Industrial Property Representative for the fastest, most professional support at the most reasonable cost!

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