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Trademark registration in Vietnam for isothermic bags

Isothermic bag products play an important role in preserving food and drinks and are indispensable products in daily life. Consumers are not only interested in the material, style, and heat retention ability of isothermic bags but are also very interested in the product trademark. To build trust, and reputation and confirm product quality, trademark registration for heat preservation bags is essential. In this article, Viet An Law will summarize the regulations on trademark registration in Vietnam for isothermic bags.

Trademark registration isothermic bags

Legal basis

  • Law on Intellectual Property 2005, as amended and supplemented in 2009, 2019, 2022;
  • Decree 65/2023/ND-CP details several articles and measures to implement the Intellectual Property Law on industrial property, protection of industrial property rights, rights to plant varieties, and state management on intellectual property;
  • Circular 263/2016/TT-BTC regulates industrial property fees and charges.

Some terminology for trademark registration in Vietnam for isothermic bags

What is an isothermic bag?

Within the scope of this article, under common knowledge, an isothermic bag is a product designed to keep the temperature of food, drinks, or anything that needs to be stored at a certain temperature for an extended period. They are often used in outdoor activities, walking, traveling, or simply bringing lunch to work.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a symbol that represents the identity of a trademark or product. It can be a unique name, symbol, or mark applied to differentiate the products or services of a business or organization from those of its competitors. Trademarks are often used as a tool to build reputation, create awareness, and create trust from consumers for a specific trademark. According to the legal provisions in Clause 16, Article 4 of the Intellectual Property Law: “A trademark is a sign used to distinguish goods and services of different organizations and individuals.”

Why must we register a trademark for isothermic bags?

Trademark registration for isothermic bag products will bring the following benefits:

  • Consumers can choose quality products to use, helping businesses maintain sustainable product development;
  • Businesses are protected by law when encountering trademark disputes with other businesses when they intentionally register a trademark that is the same or confusingly similar to the trademark that the business has registered;
  • When trademarks are protected by law, businesses have the right to request authorities to handle businesses that intentionally counterfeit or imitate their trademarks, thereby eliminating unfair competition practices.

Registering a trademark for heat preservation bags not only helps protect the interests of businesses but also contributes to improving product quality, building customer trust, and promoting the stable development of the industry.

Procedures for registering an isothermic bag trademark

Research the trademark of the isothermic bag product

This is an extremely important activity to check whether the trademark is identical or similar to another entity’s trademark. Although this is not a mandatory procedure, the search ensures the ability to successfully register a trademark. Clients can consider using Viet An Law’s trademark search service to optimize time and costs.

  • Preliminary search: Viet An Law will conduct a preliminary search for customers within 01 day from the date of being provided with the trademark sample.
  • Search at the National Office of Intellectual Property through a representative of Viet An Law Firm: This search step will determine the highest protection ability of the intended trademark.

Dossier to register a trademark for an isothermic bag product

  • 02 Trademark registration declarations for industrial property rights (according to the form in Appendix I issued with Decree 65/2023/ND-CP);
  • 08 attached trademark samples (the overall trademark must be presented in a trademark template measuring 80mm x 80mm. If color protection is required, all trademark samples on the declaration and attached must be correctly present the colors that need protection);
  • Proof of payment of fees and charges;
  • 01 certified copy of business registration license or ID card/passport/citizen identification card to get information for preparing documents (the purpose is to get information for preparing authorization letters and registration documents). );
  • 01 Power of attorney for Viet An Law (in case there is a need to use Viet An Law’s services)
  • Other documents (if any).

Submit a trademark registration application for a isothermic bag product

From receipt, the National Office of Intellectual Property will process the application and send notices to the applicant. This process includes:

  • Formality examination (1-2 months);
  • Publication of application in the Official Gazette (2 months);
  • Substantive examination (9-12 months);
  • Issue and publish Trademark Registration Certificate (1-2 months).

During this stage, the applicant only needs to monitor the process, receive notifications, make amendments and supplements to the application, or respond to third-party opinions (if any).

Cost of trademark registration for isothermic bags

The cost to register a trademark for a heat preservation bag product is based on the Table of industrial property fees and charges issued together with Circular 263/2016/TT-BTC currently as follows:

  • Application fee: 150,000 VND
  • Publication fee: 120,000 VND
  • Research fee for substantive examination: 180,000 VND/01 class of goods and services, for 7th onwards: 30,000 VND/01 good or service
  • Fee for substantive examination: 550,000 VND/01 class of goods and services
  • Substantive examination fee for goods/services from 7th onwards: 120,000 VND/01 good or service.

Classification of isothermic bag products trademark registration

Classification of isothermic bag products is done according to the product’s uses associated with the registered trademark. For heat preservation bag products used for household and kitchen purposes, the current Nice trademark registration classification table applied in Vietnam (version 12-2024) classifies the product as follows:

Class 21: Isothermic bags.

Class 35: Buying, selling, importing, and exporting isothermic bags.

For isothermic bag products that are not intended for household purposes but are intended for office, beauty, and specialized purposes such as mountain climbing, the product class are:

Class 18: Portable isothermic bags, travel isothermic bags.

For some other purposes, heat preservation bags are also classed differently. To accurately classify when registering a trademark to avoid having to supplement or amend the application or pay reclassification fees, you should contact intellectual property representative organizations such as Viet An Law for the most professional advice.

Some reputable products and trademarks of isothermic bags in Vietnam

Hidola isothermic bag

Hidola is a famous trademark with isothermic bags of diverse designs. Hidola isothermic bag sewing company is well known to customers thanks to its product quality and good service. One of Hidola’s outstanding products is the 7047, a 10-liter insulated bag with a rectangular square design and a U-shaped opening for easy loading and unloading of items. The product is suitable for storing seafood, office rice, and drinking water.

Moby isothermic bag

Moby is the official distributor of isothermic bag products from famous and reputable trademarks. With a team of experienced consultants, Moby always ensures 100% genuine products and gives dedicated advice to customers.

In addition, on the market, many factories sew quality and reputable isothermic bags, suitable for those who like to bring rice to the office or school, as well as for picnics.

Trademark registration service at Viet An Law – Intellectual Property Representative

  • Legal advice on procedures and conditions for protecting heat preservation bag trademarks;
  • Preliminary lookup and consulting on the possibility of registering for protection of your isothermic bag trademark;
  • Drafting isothermic bag trademark protection documents;
  • Submit documents and monitor the trademark registration process at the National Office of Intellectual Property;
  • Representing customers throughout the entire process of establishing rights and responding to official correspondence with the National Office of Intellectual Property on trademark protection;
  • Exchange and provide information to customers during the trademark protection registration process.

If you need advice on intellectual property law or trademark registration, please contact Viet An Law for the best support!

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