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Trademark registration in Vietnam for a wedding dress shop

Wedding day is a happy and sacred day of a person’s life. For the joy to be complete, a beautiful wedding dress plays an extremely important role. In order to meet the increasing demands of weddings, wedding dress and dress shops have provided a wide range of package services related to wedding dresses for couples as well as costumes for both sides of the family on this great day.

Classification of trademark registration in Vietnam for a wedding dress shop

Group of goods and services for wedding dress shops is a very important implementation of trademark application. The applicant has to ensure this step fully and exactly to avoid re-apply or pay another fee for re-classify.

Group 25

Dresses; “ao dai” worn by women on special occasions; headwear.

Group 35

Buying, selling, importing and exporting: Dresses; ao dai worn by women on special occasions; headwear.

Group 40

Tailoring service.

Group 41

Filming and photography services; radio and video recording services; video editing services; Camera rental service.

Group 42

Clothing design.

Group 45

Clothing rental for festivals, weddings.

Prestigious wedding dress shop trademark in the market

Palatino Studio wedding dress shop mark

Palatino is one of the leading wedding dress shops in Hanoi that is loved by many young people. With a team of professional, experienced photographers, Palatino will bring a great experience for you. At the same time, Palatino Studio also has a full package of services from the preparation of accessories and make-up to the transportation of couples and wedding photography.

Camile Bridal bridal shop mark

Camile Bridal is one of the most beautiful wedding dress rental and design mark in Hanoi. This place has long been the preferred address for many brides to choose for their happy couple’s day. Coming to Camile Bridal with hundreds of ready-made wedding dresses and various designs, this is a great place for brides.

Hacchic Couture Hanoi bridal shop mark

At Hacchic Couture Hanoi, there are many different types of luxurious wedding dresses. From mermaid and royal wedding dresses to off-shoulder wedding gowns, each type of wedding dress exudes a different beauty. The material that Hacchic Couture Hanoi uses is more than 200 different fabrics. Along with skillful dyeing techniques, Hanoi wedding dress shop Hacchic Couture has launched a sophisticated ombre wedding dress.

JoliPoli wedding dress shop mark

JoliPoli is a famous luxury wedding dress mark in Hanoi. The wedding dress collections of Hanoi wedding dress shop JoliPoli are performed by famous models. With an aristocratic and luxurious style, this brand’s wedding dress will make you the most beautiful bride. JoliPoli also keeps up with the trends of the times, promising to bring the most trendy wedding dresses.

Huong Bridal wedding dress shop mark

Huong Bridal has long been the leading wedding dress mark in Hanoi. Since its establishment until now, the shop has brought to the market hundreds of models of wedding dresses with creative, sophisticated and luxurious designs. Above all, customers choose Huong Bridal not only because of the quality of the dress, but also because of the attentive and enthusiastic service style. Therefore, the store is always the preferred choice of many people.

Lek Chi Bridal wedding dress shop mark

Lek Chi Bridal is a Vietnamese wedding dress brand that has participated in many competitions. With the desire to bring new beauty to the wedding dress market. Each wedding dress is made with emotions and blessings sent to the bride.

Bella Bridal wedding dress mark

In the 2015-2016 wedding season, Bella Bridal debuted with her first collection “La Belle” and quickly gained a lot of attention from couples. Bella Bridal owns elegant and sophisticated wedding dresses with a modern youthful style that updates the minimalist European trend.

Meera Meera wedding dress shop mark

The Meera Meera brand, which is extremely famous in the bride community, always ensures the creation of perfect wedding dress designs with the best quality and extremely reasonable prices.

Luciola Bridal Bridal shop mark

Coming to Luciola wedding dress, you are assured of the most beautiful wedding dress design. More than 1000 models of wedding dresses for girls to become the brightest, most beautiful bride on their wedding day. Luciola Bridal is one of the famous wedding dress rental shops in Saigon.

Q Bridal wedding dress shop mark

Q Bridal A unit specializing in providing photography services for wedding events, celebrations, engagements, family events, … Prestigious in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas.

Vivian wedding dress shop mark

Vivian is a prestigious wedding dress mark that is highly appreciated in wedding dress studios in Ho Chi Minh City. Owning a variety of colorful wedding dresses which is imported directly from the US. Wedding dresses here aim at simplicity, elegance and perfection. With an extremely affordable wedding dress rental price, flattering dress form and dedicated staff, Vivian “pleases” most young brides.

Meow Wedding wedding dress shop mark

Studio Meow Wedding is also a beautiful wedding dress rental address you should not miss on your wedding day. With “soft” prices and top quality wedding gowns, the shop’s wedding dresses exude a luxurious and aristocratic aura.

Procedure to trademark registration in Vietnam for a wedding dress shop

Step 1: Select a mark and goods and services for the mark

  • Trademark selection: Select a trademark template that meets the protection criteria. The selected mark is not similar to other registered trademarks, well-known trademarks.
  • Select the list of registered products: You need to select the list of goods and services bearing the trademark according to the above instructions. Grouping of products and services needs to be carried out according to the Nice International Classification of Trademarks

Step 2: Research trademarks

To perform a trademark search, customers only need to provide Viet An Law with:

  • Trademark template;
  • List of goods and services to trademark research and register.

Step 3: Submit registration form

  • After an in-depth search and the mark is judged to be registrable, the applicant will proceed to submit a registration application.
  • Agencies receiving and processing dossiers and collecting registration fees in Vietnam: Vietnam Intellectual Property Department.

Step 4: Formality examination of the application

The time limit for formal examination of a trademark application is 1 month from the filing date.

  • The NOIP will consider the application for eligibility in terms of form, label form, application owner, filing right, subheading, etc.
  • If the enterprise’s application meets the conditions. The NOIP will issue a Notice of acceptance of a valid application and publish the application.
  • If the enterprise’s application does not meet the conditions. The NOIP will issue a Notice of Non-acceptance of the application and request the enterprise to amend it. The application owner and the applicant’s representative shall make amendments as required. Then, proceed to submit the revised official letter to the NOIP and pay an additional fee if the group is classified incorrectly.

Step 5: Publication of trademark application

  • Time limit for publication of trademark application: 02 months from the date of notification of valid application acceptance.
  • Contents of application announcement include: Information about valid applications stated in the notice of acceptance of valid applications, trademark samples and a list of goods and services.

Step 6: Substantive examination of the application

Time limit for substantive examination: 09 months from the date of application publication.

Step 7: Pay the fee for granting a trademark protection title

After receiving the notice of intention to grant a protection title, the applicant shall pay the granting fee.

Clients wishing to register trademarks in Vietnam and abroad, please contact Viet An Law for the fastest, most professional support at the most reasonable cost!

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