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Trademark registration in Vietnam for a watch product

Watches were born to help people measure time accurately and to be proactive in their work. Although today’s phones all have built-in time-telling features, wearing watches is still popular with many users. On the other hand, watches are also fashion accessories that help the wearer show aesthetic taste. In this article, Viet An Law will present the related regulation of trademark registration in Vietnam for a watch product.

Trademark registration for a watch product

Classification for trademark registration in Vietnam for a watch product

To produce, trade, buy, sell, and repair watches, applicants need to Class according to the classification table registering a trademark as follows:

Class 09

Scientific, electrical, photographic, optical, testing equipment and instruments, calculating equipment and instruments.

Class 14

Wristwatches, wall clocks. pocket watches, electric watches, stopwatches, chronometers, parts and accessories thereof

Class 35

Buying, selling, importing and exporting: Wristwatches, wall clocks. pocket watches, electric watches, stopwatches, chronometers, parts and accessories thereof

Class 37

Watch repair; 2) Repair wall clocks, table clocks and wristwatches, stopwatches, time time-measuring instruments.

Prestigious and famous watch trademarks in the world

Watches are still considered luxury jewelry, some watches are extremely valuable and are only available in limited quantities, sometimes only in the world. Accordingly, prestigious and luxury watch marks in the world include:

Tag Heuer watch mark

Tag Heuer is famous for its extreme sports watchmaking technology. The mark quickly boosted its reputation when associated with prestigious sports events, and racing manufacturers. Not only stopping with classic wristwatches, Tag Heuer smartwatches are also gradually gaining their market share.

Patek Philippe watch mark

Patek Philippe is one of the few high-end watch marks that is “coveted” by enthusiasts with a limited number of less than 100 watches released each year. Players can spend up to millions of dollars to own a prestigious Patek Philippe watch, favored by royal aristocrats like Queen Victoria or world stars like Ellen DeGeneres and Robert Downey. Jnr, John Mayer, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Vacheron Constantin watch mark

Vacheron Constantin became a legend in the luxury watch world during its three centuries of building the mark. Vacheron Constantin products are very sophisticated, prioritizing design with small details.

Jaeger-LeCoultre watch mark

Ranked in the top 5 sophisticated watch marks in the world, Jaeger-LeCoultre is a rare mark that has won 300 patents throughout its development journey.

Rolex watch mark

One of the only high-end watchmarks in the world that is widely known in terms of image and popularity is Rolex. Rolex watches are highly appreciated for their timeless design and quality. Super strong production capacity of more than 2,000 watches per day has helped Rolex become the largest luxury watch mark in the world.

Omega watch mark

Always in the rankings of famous Swiss watches, Omega is a name not to be missed. Experiencing many ups and downs in the watchmaking industry, Omega marked its reputation with its space travel watch. Classic gold-plated Omega time machines are the most popular among Vietnamese connoisseurs.

Longines watch mark

Proud of the ability to produce highly applicable inventions and accurate time-measuring machines, Longines is a familiar face in sports and adventure programs. Always at the top of prestigious and long-standing Swiss watches, Longines design brings classy luxury while imbued with long-standing Swiss quintessence.

Casio watch mark

When it comes to durability and cheapness, it is difficult for any watch company in the world to surpass Casio. Casio Vietnam is associated with many generations of electronic watches that are accurate every second.

Citizen watch mark

Citizen, with a name that has global meaning, Japan’s second-largest watch company has the ambition to bring its products to every corner of the globe. Citizen expands its production strengths from mechanical watches, battery watches, solar watches, and high-end to popular segments.

Tissot watch mark

People who have the hobby of collecting watches cannot help but know about the 164-year-old Tissot from Switzerland. With a rich history combined with excellent quality, technological innovations, and classy design, Tissot naturally holds a position in the hearts of admirers.

Orient watch mark

If you love automatic mechanical watches at a more affordable price than expensive Swiss watches, Orient is a good choice. A simple design trend, easy to combine with all types of outfits from office to street, Orient has won the attention of watch lovers in Vietnam.

Seiko watch mark

Ranked first in the top 4 Japanese watches Seiko, Citizen, Orient, and Casio. With the strength of flexible combination between new technology with modern features and traditional mechanical design. The advantage of being officially imported to Vietnam is that you don’t have to worry about buying a fake Seiko watch.

Procedures for trademark registration in Vietnam for a watch product

Step 1: Select a mark, goods, and services  for the trademark

The first step we need for trademark registration in Vietnam of generator products is to select a suitable and impressive mark.

  • Trademark selection: Select a trademark template that meets the protection criteria. The selected mark is not similar to other registered trademarks, or well-known trademarks.
  • Select the list of registered products: You need to select the list of goods and services bearing the trademark according to the above instructions. Classing of goods and services is to be carried out according to the latest updated versions of the Nice International Classification of Trademarks.

Step 2: Research trademarks

To perform a trademark search, customers only need to provide Viet An Law:

  • Trademark template;
  • List of goods and services to research and register.

Step 3: Submit registration form

After an in-depth search and the mark is judged to be registrable, the applicant will proceed to submit a registration application.

Agencies receiving and processing dossiers and collecting registration fees in Vietnam: National Office of Intellectual Property.

Step 4: Formality examination of the application

  • The time limit for formal examination of a trademark application is 1 month from the filing date.
  • The NOIP will consider the application for eligibility in terms of form, label form, application owner, filing right, subheading, etc.
  • If the enterprise’s application meets the conditions. The NOIP will issue a Notice of acceptance of a valid application and publish the application.
  • If the enterprise’s application does not meet the conditions. The NOIP will issue a Notice of Non-acceptance of the application and request the enterprise to amend it. The application owner and the applicant’s representative shall make amendments as required. Then, proceed to submit the revised official dispatch to the NOIP and pay an additional fee if the classification is incorrect.

Step 5: Publication of trademark application

The time limit for publication of a trademark application is 02 months from the date of notification of valid application acceptance.

Contents of the application announcement include Information about valid applications stated in the notice of acceptance of valid applications, trademark samples, and a list of goods and services.

Step 6: Substantive examination of the application

The time limit for substantive examination is 09 months from the date of application publication.

Step 7: Pay the fee for granting a trademark protection title

The final step to trademark registration in Vietnam of generator products is after receiving the notice of intention to grant a protection title, the applicant shall pay the granting fee.

Clients need to register a trademark in Vietnam and abroad, please contact us Viet An Law Firm – Industrial Property Representative for the fastest, most professional support at the most reasonable cost!

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