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Register trademarks for coal products in Vietnam

Coal is a material used for lighting, serving daily needs, and heating. Although nowadays people no longer use as much coal as they used to because there are gradually alternative and safer materials and tools for the environment. However, the production, mining, and distribution of coal are still developing while a lot of coal reserves are concentrated in Vietnam. For business subjects in this field, they can apply for trademark protection according to the following procedures to increase their competitiveness in the market.

Register the trademark for coal product in vietnam

A trademark registration dossier includes:

  • A trademark registration declaration;
  • A trademark sample with dimensions bigger than 3 x 3 cm and smaller than 8 x 8 cm;
  • A list of goods/services must be classified according to the Nice Classification (Class 04);
  • A valid copy of personal identification card if the owner is an individual; business registration certificate or investment certificate if the owner is an organization;
  • Receipts of fee payments;
  • A power of attorney.

Term to register a trademark:

  • Form appraisal: 01 months from the date of submitting.
  • Publish the application: 02 months from the date having the notice to accept the application as a valid application.
  • Content appraisal: 09 – 12 months from the date of publishment.
  • Grant the protection title: 02 – 03 months from the date of paying the publishment fee.

Notices: A trademark is only protected when it is distinguishable, not a simple geometric sign; descriptive signs; must not be identical or confusingly similar to a protected trademark or trade name. Besides, the trademark must not be identical or confusingly similar to the national flag, the name of the armed units, the state agencies, the names of celebrities,…

         Trademark protection titles are valid from the date of issue to the end of 10 years from the submitting date. It can be renewed for successive 10 years. However, it is important to notice the grace period procedure and to pay the renewal fee.

A renewal application includes the following documents:

  • A declaration requesting validity extension of protection title;
  • The original protection title (in case the request for recognition of the extension to the protection title is required);
  • A power of attorney;
  • Receipts of fee payments, an announcement of the decision on renewal and registration of the decision to renew the protection title following the regulations;

For any information related to trademark registration in Vietnam services for products and services, please contact Viet An Law for the most specific and detailed advice.

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