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Register toy product trademark in Vietnam

A huge advantage when comparing a registered trademark with unregistered goods and services is the protection of the law. When an infringement occurs, the trademark owner can personally request a state agency to handle the violation based on the protection title. As for products that have not been trademarked, it will take more time to prove who has the rights and who is infringing. Therefore, when trading toy products, business entities should register toy product trademark in Vietnam and in the target market to protect their reputation.

Register toy product trademark

Classification of trademark registration for children’s toy products

The list of goods and services bearing the trademark must be classified according to the Nice International Goods Classification. If the application owner fails to classify or classify incorrectly, the Office of Property will conduct classification and collect additional fees during the formality examination stage of the trademark application.

Toy products are classified into Class 28, including the following products: Air pistols; Brick building; Construction toys; Doll; Toy masks; Miniature models of vehicles; Balloon; Wooden rocking horse, etc.

However, to register additional related products and services, applicants for children’s toy trademark registration can refer to the following Classs:

Class 9

Electronic controller; electronic transformers; electronic circuit; electrical sensors; circuit breaker box; electrical connector; electrical transformers; electrical connector; wire; power cable; electrical terminals; electrical components; generator set; teaching equipment and tools; computer software (pre-recorded); digital and magnetic data carriers; computer program, pre-recorded; computers and data processing equipment; data capture equipment; programmable built-in electronic controller incorporating motors, sensors, electronic computer interface and power reduction converter for the design, construction and control of toys with attach engines and educational products, educational resources and educational documents and materials; downloadable educational media (computer programs); Downloadable educational course materials (computer programs).

Class 16

Publications; Instructional and teaching aids (except teaching equipment); brochures on education as special documents; Instructions for the design, construction and operation of motorized toys and educational products, resources, and materials.

Class 28

Games and toys, especially kits including construction parts, all for the design, construction, and control of motorized toys and educational products, educational resources education, and educational materials.

Class 41

Educational services; entertainment service; providing training, education, guidance, and entertainment course services; providing online electronic publications (not downloadable); providing online instruction (educational) courses; arranging and conducting online seminars and workshops; fan club services; organizing conferences, exhibitions and competitions (entertainment).

Some reputable toy product trademark in Vietnam

Lego toy trademark

When it comes to puzzle toys for children, you definitely cannot ignore Lego toys. This famous children’s toy trademark originates from Denmark with a long and extremely brilliant history of development. The popularity of Lego toys is not only shown through movies and works of art but is also used in the teaching and learning process. Lego assembly toys impress with details in many eye-catching shapes and colors that can create many unique models.

Children’s toy trademark Hasbro

Hasbro is the world’s leading children’s toy company that began operations in 1940 and is headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Hasbro’s favorite toy products include Play-Doh, Hasbro Gaming, My Little Pony… Besides intellectual toys that help stimulate the potential for discovery and intelligence, Hasbro is also Famous for classic games such as Monopoly, and Risk strategy chess…

Fisher Price children’s toy trademark

Fisher Price is an extremely famous American educational toy trademark. Fisher Price baby toys target young children with highly safe materials that do not contain toxic substances. On the other hand, intelligently designed products help stimulate the brain and senses to develop best. Therefore, Fisher Price trademark toys not only bring joy to babies but also make parents extremely secure and confident.

Mattel trademark

Each Mattel trademark has outstanding characteristics and targets its own customer base. Like Barbie doll toys aimed at female customers, Hot Wheels attracts boys with unique models of supercars and tracks, and Fisher Price with intellectual toys for babies and children.

Schleich trademark

Schleich’s products are mainly model toys of animals, scenes, and characters in movies or stories. With high quality, international standards, sophisticated design, vivid simulation, and almost absolute accuracy in every detail, Schleich toys are loved by children, parents, and teachers in more than 70 countries. The world trusts and chooses.

Battat trademark

The Battat toy trademark belongs to Battat Inc. in Canada and has more than 120 years of history. This famous children’s toy trademark operates with the motto of always providing children with toys of the highest standards of quality, safety and reasonable prices. Besides, Battat toys have a unique design, which can help children stimulate creativity and develop thinking with interesting and familiar lessons.

Procedures for registering toy product trademark in Vietnam

Prepare and submit documents at the National Office of Intellectual Property

Dossier components include:

  • Trademark samples with dimensions larger than 3×3 cm and smaller than 8×8 cm;
  • List of goods and services requiring trademark registration;
  • Trademark registration declaration (in case the customer authorizes Viet An, the declaration will be signed by the industrial property representative of Viet An Law);
  • Power of Attorney for Viet An Law Firm to submit a trademark registration application;
  • Proof of payment of trademark registration fee.

For applications for registration of collective marks or certification marks, in addition to the above documents, the application is also required to contain the following documents:

  • Regulations on use of collective marks/certification marks;
  • An explanation of the characteristic (or specific) nature and quality of the product bearing the mark (if the mark is registered as a collective mark used for products with specific characteristics or as a quality certification mark for product quality or a mark certifying geographical origin);
  • Map of geographical area (if the registered mark is a mark certifying the geographical origin of the product, or a collective mark, certification mark containing place names, or other signs indicating the geographical origin of the characteristic local products);
  • Document of the People’s Committee of a province or centrally run city permitting the registration of a mark certifying geographical origin (if the registered mark is a collective mark, a certification mark containing a place name or sign other indicates the geographical origin of the local specialty).

Trademark application processing time

  • Time for formality examination: 01-02 months;
  • Publication of the Application in the Official Gazette of the National Office of Intellectual Property: 02 months;
  • Substantial examination of application: 09-12 months;
  • Granting and publishing the Trademark Registration Certificate to the owner: 01-02 months.

Thus, the normal registration time for a trademark is about 13 – 18 months from the date of acceptance of a valid application. Clients can contact Viet An Law Firm for detailed support and advice on registering trademark protection at the National Office of Intellectual Property, avoiding wasting time due to having to amend and supplement documents.

In addition, to evaluate the possibility of successfully registering a trademark, customers can use the trademark search service of Viet An Law Firm. The trademark intended to be registered will be subject to a preliminary and in-depth search at the National Office of Intellectual Property to determine the possibility of similarity or confusion. Accurate classification will help determine the scope of protection, making the search quick and giving the most appropriate results.

Businesses and individuals have demand to register toy product trademark in Vietnam, please contact Viet An Law Firm for detailed instructions on filing documents and trademark registration applications.

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