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Register the trademark for nail services in Vietnam

Nail Services (nail caring) are not strange with Vietnamese people, in contrast, they are in a period of development while everyone has beauty needs, especially women. This service is related to aesthetics’ and creativity so providers can register for trademark protection to limit competition, protect their interests.

Register the trademark for nail services in Vietnam

Table of contents


    Trademark registration classification

    Goods, services intended to register shall be classified according to the Nice Classification. Nail services are classified in class 44.

    Required documents to register the trademark:

    • A trademark registration declaration;
    • A trademark sample (with dimensions bigger than 3 x 3 cm and smaller than 8 x 8 cm);
    • A list of goods/services to register;
    • Receipts of fee payments.

    For collective trademarks/certification trademarks, the following documents are required:

    • Regulations on the use of the collective trademarks/certification trademarks;
    • A description of the characteristic (or specific) nature and quality of the product bearing trademark (if the trademark is registered as a collective trademark for a particular product or a certification trademark quantity of the product or trademark certifying of geographical origin);
    • A geographic area map (if the registered trademark is a trademark certifying the geographical origin of the product, or a collective trademark, the certification trademark contains a place name or other trademarks indicating the geographical origin of the local property product);
    • A document of the People’s Committee of the province or centrally run city permitting the registration of the trademark (if the registered trademark is a collective trademark, the certification trademark contains place names or other trademarks indicating the geographical origin of the local property product).

    Application review stages:

    • Form appraisal (01 – 02 months): the Intellectual Property office considers the validity of the application (necessary documents; classify and the classification of the stated object; the right to apply…) and issues a notice to accept as a valid application or notice to refuse (if the applicant does not correct mistakes in the application);
    • Publish the application on the gazette: the application will be published within 02 months from the date the application is accepted as a valid application and the applicant shall pay the publishment fee;
    • Content appraisal (09 – 12 months): the purpose of this stage is to assess the strongest possibility to protect according to protection conditions and to determine the corresponding protection coverage. During the substantive examination, the Intellectual Property may request the applicant to explain the content of the application and provide nature information of the stated objects;
    • Grant and publish the protection title (01 – 02 months).

    Trademark registration certificates are valid for 10 years from the date of submission. The validity of the title can be extended unlimited times, provided the owner has to pay the renewal fee.

    Before submitting, the owners can search for a trademark to assess the strongest possibility. Customers can use the services of Viet An Law to quickly obtain search results and prepare necessary options.  

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