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Register a trademark for shower gel products in Vietnam

Currently, there are many shower gel products in the market such as Lifebuoy, Enchanteur, Hazeline, Lux… and products for men such as Ax, Romano, X-Men,… However, these products are frequently counterfeited in the market. Therefore, producers and traders of this product type need to pay attention to trademark registration to protect their reputation.

shower gel products in Vietnam

Classify goods and services:

         Goods and services classification plays an important role, it helps to define the scope of trademark protection objects and also helps for the search for the most accurate trademark result.

         According to the Nice Classification, shower gel is classified in class 03.

Search for a trademark:

–       Preliminary search: Viet An Law will conduct a preliminary search for free within one-day from the date customers provide the trademark sample.

– Intensive search: After the preliminary search of the trademark, there is no sign of similarity to the registered trademark. Customers should carry out an intensive search procedure of Viet An Law to evaluate the highest possibility of protection. The search procedure through Viet An Law representative is 01 – 03 working days.

         Notices: Law on Intellectual Property allows for priority rights in some cases. Therefore, the trademark search before registration does not guarantee 100% of the trademark will be granted a trademark registration certificate. However, this search will increase the owner’s acceptability of the trademark application.

Monitor the application and grant the protection title:

         According to law, it takes 13 – 18 months from the date an application is received to have a result. Specifically, Form appraisal (01 – 02 months), Publish the application on the gaze