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Pricing Services Trademarks Registration in Vietnam

 In civil activities as well as a commercial business, many cases that subjects need to value goods or private property. However, it is not always possible for the entities to appreciate the value of the property by themselves, they must rely on the support of professional valuation organizations. This service business requires a high reputation, otherwise, it is easy to get involved in disputes. Business entities can refer to trademark registration for the services they provide.

Pricing Services Trademarks Registration in Vietnam

Classification of trademarks registration:

         According to the Nice Classification, the valuation services of class 36 include the following activities: antique valuation, Valuation of artworks, Valuation of precious jewelry, Financial valuation,…

Documents need to be prepared:

  • 01 trademark sample with dimensions bigger than 3 x 3 cm and smaller than 8 x 8 cm;
  • A list of goods/services intended to register;
  • A trademark registration declaration (if customers authorize Viet An Law to submit, this declaration will be signed by the representative of Viet An Law);
  • A power of attorney;
  • Receipts of fee payment.

The examination process for trademark registration applications:

  • Form appraisal: 01 – 02 months;
  • Publish the application on the gazette;
  • Content appraisal: 09 – 12 months;
  • Grant and Publish the protection title: 01 – 02 months.

A protection title is valid from the date of issue until the end of 10 years from the date of submission. Customers should note that it is necessary to use the trademark after being protected because if it is not used for 5 consecutive years, it will be invalidated (except in the case of law).

Viet An Law provides legal services for trademark registration. Viet An Law Firm will conduct a free preliminary trademark search for customers within 01-03 days to consider the strongest possibility to register. Customers should use Viet An’s in-depth search service to get an overall assessment of the protection registration:

  • Counseling on the plan to amend the intended trademark to increase the possibility of successful registration;
  • Draft the registration dossier and submit it at the Intellectual Property office;
  • Track the process, appraisal at the Intellectual Property office;
  • Represent customers in the process and discuss with the Intellectual Property office about trademark registration.
  • Discuss and provide information for customers in the trademark registration process.

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