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Enterprise visa procedures for foreigners in Vietnam

Vietnam is currently on the way to developing in many aspects such as economy, politics, society, people … along with its advantages in nature as well as people, Vietnam is increasingly being noticed by countries around the world. gender. Therefore, activities between enterprises, especially inter-national cooperation enterprises, are gradually becoming popular. To meet this need, Vietnamese law always gives reasonable directions to adjust this need, one of which is the provisions on the granting of visas for foreigners in Vietnam.

Enterprise visa procedures for foreigners in Vietnam

              Business visa with the DN symbol, depending on the type of business, also has the DN1 and DN2 symbols. DN1 visa is granted to foreigners working with other enterprises and organizations with legal status according to the provisions of Vietnamese law; also symbol DN2 is a visa granted to foreigners to offer services, establish a commercial presence, perform activities under international treaties to which Vietnam is a member. DN visa is valid for no more than 12 months and can be extended if you want to continue to stay in Vietnam.

Conditions to be granted a business visa for foreigners in Vietnam

  • Partner with work in Vietnam (individual or unit with Vietnamese or foreign legal status);
  • Passport and international travel documents ;
  • The guaranteeing agency in Vietnam must carry out the procedures at the Immigration Department of Vietnam and agree to allow the foreigner to enter.

Note: At present due to translation of Covid-19 visa now, foreigners are only allowed to get a visa at the Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam Nam not get visas at international border gates simultaneously nationals The foreigner must test negative for Covid-19 and the written consent to allow entry to the provincial People’s Committee of the foreigner who is expected to enter. Therefore, businesses and individuals inviting guarantees must apply for an entry letter at the Vietnam Immigration Department with the content of visa application for foreigners at embassies/consulates nearest where foreigners are residing.

Application for a business visa for foreigners in Vietnam

  • The original passport of the foreigner is still valid according to the regulations ;
  • Declaration for visa application, temporary residence extension ;
  • Public documents on entry by the Immigration Administration approved Vietnam allows Perfumery c outside and get a visa entry;
  • Work permit in case a foreigner is required to apply for a work permit. In case the foreigner is exempt from a work permit, he/she must also issue a certificate of labor exemption ;

Besides, depending on the applicant for a corporate visa, the following documents must be provided:

  • Operation license of enterprises and organizations: Business registration certificate, investment license, operation license of branches, representative offices, …
  • Certificate or notice of use of the seal of the enterprise or organization.
  • An introduction document with the signature and seal of the competent person at the enterprise or organization sponsoring the foreign worker.

Procedures for applying for business visas for foreigners in Vietnam

Vietnamese enterprises carry out the procedures for inviting and sponsoring foreigners to enter Vietnam. Includes the following 2 steps: 

  • Declare business information with immigration authorities.
  • Submit immigration applications for foreigners entering Vietnam to the Immigration Department.

Applications for corporate visas for foreigners are received at the Immigration Department. If the application is approved, the Department will send back an entry letter to the enterprise, in case of disapproval, it will reply in writing, clearly stating the reason. 

After being approved, the business in Vietnam will send an entry letter to the foreigner and check the information for the foreigner to apply for a visa at the international airport gate or foreign representative agencies. delivery.

Customers wishing to use the service business visa for foreigners in Vietnam apply please contact directly with Viet An Law firm to receive counseling details. Besides the work-permit services, Viet An Law Firm also provides you the trademark registration and to set up a company in Vietnam.

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