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Chalkboard Products Trademark Registration in Vietnam

In the Vietnamese pedagogical phylum, most schools still boards and chalks to serve the teaching and learning activities of students. Currently, a chalkboard has been produced to reduce the amount of chalk dust harmful to human health. In the market, the most popular product is MIC chalk. Businesses with this type of product, if they want to increase their competitiveness with MIC products, can register their trademarks to attract customers.

Chalkboard Products Trademark Registration in Vietnam

         Customers can refer to Viet An Law’s services on intellectual property in general and trademark registration in particular.

Viet An Law will conduct a trademark preliminary search for free within 01 days. If the possibility of trademark registration is high, customers should use Viet An’s in-depth search service to get an overall assessment of the registration for protection.

  • Advice on the plan to amend the trademark intended to register:

In case the search result shows that the customers’ trademark is likely to be denied registration, Viet An Law will advise amending the trademark so that it does not match or cause confusion with another trademark and does not violate prohibitions of the law.

  • Draft the dossier and submit the application at the Intellectual Property office:
  • A trademark sample with dimensions bigger than 3 x 3 cm and smaller than 8 x 8 cm;
  • A list of services/goods intended to register (Chalkboard is grouped in class 16 according to the Nice Classification);
  • A trademark registration declaration (if the customers authorize the representative of Viet An Law, this declaration will be signed by the representative of Viet An Law);
  • A power of attorney the representative of Viet An Law to submit the trademark registration application;
  • Receipts of fee payments.

Notices: Fee payments are calculated based on the number of groups and products in each group specified in the application.

  • Process the application, assess the process at the Intellectual Property office:

The Intellectual Property Office will process the application for a period of 13 – 18 months including the following phases:

  • Form appraisal ( 01 – 02 months);
  • Publish the application on the gazette (02 months);
  • Content appraisal (09 – 12 months);
  • Grant and publish the protection title (01 – 02 months)
  • Represent for the customers in the whole process of establishing and responding to the Intellectual Property Office about protecting the trademark.
  • Discuss, provide information for customers in the process of protection of a trademark registration

A trademark protection period is 10 years from the submitting date, it can be extended an unlimited number of times at the end of the protection term. Viet An Law would like to provide legal services relating to trademark registration. Customers have any questions or needs, please contact Viet An Law directly for support timely.

         For any information related to trademark registration services for products and services, please contact Viet An Law for the most specific and detailed advice.

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