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Tax declaration services in Vietnam

In the operating process of the company, one of the works that the company has to fully and correctly implement is declaration and tax payment (if any). With the company, the company shall declare taxes and tax obligations in accordance quarterly, annually, and according to certain time limits. When the company missed the tax declaration just one day compared to the deadline, the company has been violated the tax declaration obligation and arises a fine for violation. If the declaration is delayed, the fine will be more, the tax code may be closed. To difficulties of the company, Viet An Tax Agency providing a package of tax declaration services with reasonable service fees so that any company can use the tax declaration service.

Type of company tax declaration has to declare

  • Declaration VAT (GTGT);
  • Declaration corporate income tax statement (TNDN);
  • Declaration of personal income tax (TNCN), specific: Declaration deducting personal income tax (monthly or quarterly) and declaration personal income tax finalization (year)
  • Invoice use reports;
  • Declaration licensing fees;
  • The annual financial statement;
  •  Specific types of tax special if the company has other related operating such as The excise tax, resources tax, tax on exports or imports

Timelines for tax declaration and tax payment

Time limit for submitting the declaration and payment VAT tax (if any), invoice use reports

Note: The company does not arise input and output invoices that meet the deadline, the company also submits the VAT tax declaration and Declaration personal income tax if have income subject to personal income tax in the period.

  • Quarter 1 declaration: The deadline is April 30;
  • Quarter 2 declaration: the deadline is July 31;
  • Quarter 3 declaration: The deadline is October 3;
  • Quarter 4 declaration: The deadline is January 31 in the next year;

Invoice use reports of the quarter I: the deadline for submission is April 30; quarter II: the deadline for submitting is July 30; quarter III: the deadline for submit is October 30 and quarter IV: the deadline for submitting is January 30 of the next year.

With the company have submitted invoice issuance announcements, quarterly, organizations, households,s and individuals selling goods and services (except for those who are issued invoices by tax authorities) are responsible for submitting invoice use reports to the tax authorities for direct management, even in the period the company doesn’t use the invoices.

The invoice use reports submitted by month applicable to the company be issued invoices by tax authorities or have high risks of invoices according to decisions of tax authorities.

As stipulated in Decree 52/2021/NĐ-CP renew the tax payment deadline of corporate income tax in 2021 for the company that incurs tax payable as follows:

  • Renewal of the tax payment deadline for the company’s temporarily paid corporate income tax in the first and second quarters of 2021;
  • This time will be renewed for 03 months from the deadline of corporate income tax payment according to the tax administration laws;

The company will balance the temporarily calculated corporate income tax rate by themselves and sum up revenue and expenses to finalize the total payable corporate income tax in the year at the end of the year (if any).

The deadline for submitting The annual financial statement

Even though the company hasn’t business activities, the company has to prepare and submit financial statements for the year of operation. No later than the last day of the 3rd month from the end of the calendar year or financial year.

The deadline for submitting license tax declaration and license tax

New businesses (except household businesses and individual businesses), including medium and small enterprises converted from household businesses) and existing businesses that establish new dependent units or business locations shall submit the licensing fee declaration by January 30 of the year preceding the establishment or inauguration year.

In case of capital is changed during the year, the licensing fee payer shall submit the declaration by January 30 of the year succeeding the year in which the change occurs.

Tax declaration service packages of Viet An Tax Agency 

  •  Monthly Tax declaration service packages;
  • Quarterly Tax declaration service packages;
  • Tax declaration service package for each arising;
  • Declaration of the financial statement at the end of the year;
  • Finalization of personal income tax;
  • Declaration of the contractor tax;
  •  The package of tax declaration service by the year: Reasonable fees and for all tax declaration activities of the business, completion of books and documents, closing the book, transfer to the business for storing.
  • Tax declaration services according to the requirements of the company.

The interests when Clients use Tax declaration service of Viet An Tax Agency

  • Clients will be used two in one service at the same time: legal consulting and Tax declaration service, issues related to account activities;
  • Clients will be in charge by the professional and experienced, expertise in accounting and tax declaration activities of the company.
  • Clients will be consulted, informed and expected arising problems and risks that may occur during the company’s accounting and tax declaration activities;
  • Viet An Law will remind the company to prepare documents, balancing the arising tax data before the tax declaration period;
  • Viet An commit with Clients that not arise any fees after signing a tax declaration package contract with Viet An Tax Agency;
  • Viet An Tax Agency will responsible for tax declaration, Tax reporting of the business when there is any risk to the business from tax declaration activities.
  • With a company that company’s owner is not knowledgeable about taxes and accounting, the solution of using tax declaration services is the optimal and effective solution, saving fees for the tax, accounting of the company. Viet An Tax agency believes that to be the best services agency in the process of business operation.

Some questions about Tax declaration

How is the company fined for late submit the Tax declaration?

With the submission of tax declaration documents to the tax authorities not meet the deadline were stipulated, a fine according to Article 13 of Decree no. 125/2020/ND-CP effective from December 5, 2020.

Does the newly established company that arising invoices have to declare tax or not?

In period, the company does not arise input and output invoices, the company still has to declare tax fully, and on time.

Doesn’t the company haven’t revenue at the end of the year have to submit financial statements?

The same with VAT tax declaration, invoice use reports (for the company that has issued VAT invoices) even if no revenue is generated, the company still makes and submit the financial statements at the end of the fiscal year. The deadline for submission is the last day of the 3rd month from the end of the calendar year or fiscal year.

The company hasn’t revenue shall submit license tax, hasn’t it?

After the first year of establishment, whether or not there is revenue, the company still has to pay license tax (business fee) according to the charter capital of the company. The deadline for paying license tax is before January 30 of each year

How is the license tax is stipulated?

The license tax of the company has to pay by the charter capital registered such as: 

  • Level 1, The organizations with charter capital and investment capital over 10 billion dong: 3,000,000 dong/year;
  • Level 2, The organizations with charter capital and investment capital over 10 billion dong: 3,000,000 dong/year;
  • Level 3, The branches, representative offices, business location, public service providers, and other business organizations: 1,000,000 dong/year;

Clients have any questions related to Tax declaration services in Vietnam in Viet Nam, please contact to Tax Agency – Viet An Law Firm to assist for the faster and most specific!

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