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Tax accounting service in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest economic center of Vietnam, every year tens of thousands of businesses are established and new projects are granted. As of November 2023, Ho Chi Minh City has about 275,703 businesses. In the city, there are 11,734 valid foreign investment projects with total new investment capital and increased capital reaching more than 56.71 billion USD. Ho Chi Minh City leads in the number of valid projects compared to other countries. country. In addition, the city also has about 25,126 cases of foreign investors carrying out procedures for capital contribution, stock purchase, and capital contribution of domestic enterprises with registered capital equivalent to 24.33 billion USD. Overall, the value of new foreign investment capital, additional capital contributions, share purchases, and repurchases of capital contributions to the city reached nearly 81.04 billion USD. To support Vietnamese and foreign-invested businesses and individuals in the area, Viet An Tax Agent – Ho Chi Minh branch provides comprehensive tax accounting services to help businesses. Enterprises optimize costs and minimize all risks, comply with legal regulations and accounting standards, and feel secure in production and business. Support Vietnamese and foreign individuals with personal income tax procedures and confirm tax obligations at competent tax authorities.


Tax accounting service in Ho Chi Minh City for businesses

Prepare tax reports, tax finalization, and financial reports for businesses

  • Prepare tax declaration documents, submit tax returns, and support monthly and quarterly tax payments:
  • Value-added tax declaration,
  • Report on invoice usage status,
  • Personal income tax deduction declaration,
  • Pay provisional tax calculation of corporate income tax (if any),
  • Contractor tax declaration…;

Process and arrange accounting documents of the enterprise according to tax law regulations

  • Receive business documents;
  • Classify and check the reasonableness, validity, and legality of original documents;
  • Prepare accounting documents according to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance;
  • Prepare import, export, revenue, and expenditure documents from original documents;
  • Prepare bank documents and other accounting records according to regulations;
  • Instructions for keeping a complete set of documents to ensure tax finalization;
  • Advise businesses on how to handle backlogs in the process of receiving and issuing invoices and documents;
  • Establishing an accounting book system to ensure accuracy and completeness when finalizing taxes;
  • Set up a system of detailed books: Goods, debts, allocation, depreciation, salaries…;
  • Prepare detailed books for asset depreciation management;
  • Prepare salary records, production records, prices…;

Prepare financial reports, audit annual financial statements

Viet An Tax Agent provides year-end financial reporting services, completes the accounting book system for businesses, and is ready to provide data to the tax authority upon receiving the settlement decision.

  • Consulting on the legality, reasonableness, and validity of invoices and documents;
  • Prepare and submit corporate income tax finalization declaration;
  • Prepare and submit personal income tax tax finalization declaration;
  • Print and complete the accounting book system;
  • Prepare and submit annual financial reports;
  • Consulting businesses that are required to audit financial statements according to Vietnamese law;
  • Support clients in auditing annual financial statements.

Value-added tax refund service for companies and investment projects

  • Consulting on conditions and regulations on value-added tax refund of the company
  • Consulting and guiding clients to prepare documents for VAT refund;
  • Support clients to prepare documents and documents for value-added tax refunds of companies and investment projects that meet VAT refund conditions;
  • Representing clients to work with tax authorities to carry out value-added tax refund procedures;

Tax finalization service for companies

  • Advise businesses on tax regulations in general and corporate income tax reporting and declaration in particular.
  • Consulting, checking, and guiding the completion of documents and additional documents according to the provisions of law to prepare businesses for CIT finalization.
  • Prepare corporate income tax finalization documents for businesses.
  • Authorized representative for businesses to carry out corporate income tax finalization at tax authorities and relevant state agencies.

Tax accounting service in Ho Chi Minh City for individuals

  • Advise clients on tax laws in general and personal income tax laws in particular for Vietnamese and foreigners with income in Vietnam;
  • Guide clients to prepare and collect documents related to taxable income;
  • Consulting on salary confirmation for foreign individuals with taxable income in Vietnam;
  • Support clients to declare and carry out personal income tax refund procedures;
  • Advise clients on regulations, procedures, and documents on personal income tax finalization;
  • Perform personal income tax finalization with client authorization, including preparing, completing, and submitting finalization documents to competent state agencies;
  • On behalf of clients, amend and supplement documents, directly work with competent authorities when required;
  • Perform other tax finalization related services as needed.

Reasons why clients should use tax accounting service in Ho Chi Minh City of Viet An Tax Agent

Using the personal income tax finalization service of Viet An Tax Agent helps businesses and individuals with tax finalization obligations enjoy many benefits. Specifically:

  • Save time and effort: Through the tax accounting services of Viet An Tax Agent, clients have transferred this work to experienced experts, helping to save time and unnecessary costs.
  • Ensuring compliance with the law: Viet An’s lawyers and tax experts will provide you with advice and support to ensure that you do not violate tax laws and avoid legal risks, as well as administrative sanctions.
  • Optimize financial returns: Tax accounting services also help clients optimize financial returns. Lawyers and tax experts at Viet An Tax Agency will help you learn about tax regulations, deductions, and tax management strategies to minimize tax payable and increase personal profits.
  • Minimize errors: Working with Viet An’s tax accounting experts minimizes the risk of errors in tax declaration and reporting. Even a small mistake can lead to serious consequences, including fines and additional taxes. With the professional services of Viet An Tax Agent, we help clients ensure the accuracy and reliability of tax finalization.
  • Profound tax consulting: Lawyers and tax finalization experts of Viet An Tax Agent have profound knowledge of the tax system and related laws. Viet An can provide clients with advice and guidance on complex tax issues such as investment, personal financial planning, and tax management. Using this service helps businesses and individuals better understand their financial situation and make smarter decisions about taxes.
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated to clients. Always put clients’ interests first;
  • Keep client information confidential;
  • Responsible for explaining and protecting data when inspected by tax authorities;
  • Legal advice, quick and accurate procedural support;
  • Viet An Tax Agent commits to ensuring that data submitted to tax authorities is always accurate.
  • Viet An Tax Agent is responsible for explaining directly to the tax authority when finalizing personal income tax.
  • Viet An Tax Agent takes full responsibility and compensates for damages according to the signed service contract if errors occur in the client’s personal income tax finalization dossier.

Some questions related to the tax accounting service in Ho Chi Minh City

Milestones on deadlines for paying corporate taxes

Deadline for submitting declarations and paying value-added tax (if any), reporting on invoice usage

  • Quarter 1st declaration: Due no later than April 30;
  • Quarter 2nd declaration: Due no later than July 30;
  • Quarter 3rd declaration: Due no later than October 30;
  • Quarter 4th declaration: Due no later than January 30 of the following year;

The time limit for paying provisional corporate income tax (if any) without submitting a declaration

  • Quarter 1st: Deadline is April 30;
  • Quarter 2nd: Deadline is July 30;
  • Quarter 3rd: Deadline is October 30;
  • Quarter 4th: Deadline is January 30 of the following year.

Enterprises self-balance the provisional corporate income tax rate and then at the end of the year synthesize revenue and expenses to finalize the total corporate income tax payable in the year (if any).

What are the procedures for applying for personal income tax deduction documents at the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department?

What form does an individual submit personal income tax finalization documents?

Tax departments and branches in Ho Chi Minh City encourage individuals to submit personal income tax finalization documents electronically.

Individuals can register for an account in 2 ways:

  • Register through the national public service portal: there is no need to go to the tax office to activate your account and submit paper documents.
  • Register through the electronic tax portal: Need to go to the tax office to activate the account and then declare online and do not have to submit paper documents.

How to search the status of personal income settlement documents at the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department?

Implementation steps

  • Step 1: Enterprises scan the document content and send it to the email box, paying attention to writing the phone number so that the tax authority will notify when scheduled to return the results;
  • Step 2: Within the day or 01 day after receiving the dossier via email and completing the inspection/review/issuance of stamp documents, the tax authority will notify the business directly to respond. Check original documents and receive stamps.

Procedures when receiving documents

First time:

  • Application for issuance of personal income tax deduction voucher (Form 07/CTKT-TNCN, appendix issued with Circular 92/2015/TT-BTC) (in case of first issuance);
  • Letter of introduction for the person introduced by the business to receive documents;
  • Original ID card/citizen identification card of the person receiving personal income tax deduction voucher.

Additional level:

  • The receipt and payment book only show that the unit has fully reported the usage situation and the number of deduction vouchers is less than 10 numbers;
  • Letter of introduction for the person introduced by the Company to receive documents;

Identity card/citizen identification card (original) of the person receiving personal income tax deduction documents.

Clients who need to use the tax accounting service in Ho Chi Minh City for businesses and individuals, please contact Viet An Tax Agent for the fastest, most effective support, with the best cost!

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