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Tax accounting service in Hanoi

In recent years, the Hanoi Tax Department has always focused on digitizing tax management functions, aiming for comprehensive digital transformation, and promoting the deployment of many taxpayer support channels. In that condition, with the desire to provide maximum support to businesses and individuals who need to declare and report taxes in Hanoi, Viet An Tax Agent provides comprehensive advice on issues related to tax law, as well as providing overall services related to declaration, tax reporting, and financial reporting to clients in the most professional way. With a team of accounting consultants with many years of experience and well-trained at reputable accounting training facilities, Viet An Tax Agency provides comprehensive tax accounting service in Hanoi for all types of businesses. Individuals need to declare taxes in Hanoi quickly and accurately at a reasonable price, saving costs for businesses and individuals.

Tax advisors

Comprehensive tax accounting service for businesses in Hanoi

Full tax accounting service for Vietnamese businesses in Hanoi

  • Consulting, supporting, declaring license fee declaration, paying license tax;
  • Guide businesses to register and exchange information with tax authorities;
  • Consulting and support for bank account registration and electronic tax payment registration;
  • Consulting and implementing invoice issuance notices;
  • Consulting and guidance on registration of tax deduction and depreciation methods for fixed assets.
  • Consulting, supporting, and implementing tax records and tax books under accounting standards and legal regulations.
  • Consulting, reviewing, and re-checking all previous tax declarations and financial statements;
  • Consulting and reviewing tax accounting books;
  • Consulting, reviewing and checking original documents and legal documents for business operations;
  • Consulting, guiding, preparing tax reports, declaring and paying taxes for businesses;
  • Consulting and completing documents, accounting books and taxes for businesses;
  • Consulting and preparing financial reports for the company at the end of the year;
  • Support and consulting on financial statement audits for businesses that are required to have their financial statements audited;
  • Business representatives work directly with tax authorities…
  • On behalf of businesses, work directly with tax authorities, explain tax declarations, finalization, tax inspection, etc.

Full package tax accounting service in Hanoi for foreign enterprises (FDI)

With a team of highly qualified lawyers and tax experts who are proficient in English, we believe we will provide maximum support for tax declarations for foreign enterprises in Vietnam (FDI enterprises), offices, foreign representatives in Vietnam, foreigners in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular.

  • Consulting on opening capital transfer accounts and capital contribution accounts for foreign-invested companies after establishment;
  • Consulting on issues related to foreign loans, parent company loans, loan registration with the state bank, consulting on foreign exchange transaction registration (if any);
  • Consulting on procedures for transferring profits abroad for foreign invested companies
  • Comprehensive consulting on issues related to value added tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax, import and export tax of businesses, special consumption tax…
  • Consulting on issues related to transfer pricing, affiliated transactions, etc.
  • Advise businesses on adjusting errors in their accounting and tax activities;
  • Representative declares and submits all types of reports, taxes by month, quarter, year, and tax finalization for the company;
  • Establish and complete the accounting book system for foreign-invested companies in accordance with current law;
  • Prepare and submit quarterly and annual investment reports according to tax laws;
  • Consulting on labor issues: Labor contracts, social insurance for employees;
  • Consulting on year-end audit reports;
  • Prepare and submit year-end statistical reports;
  • Prepare and submit reports on the use of Vietnamese and foreign workers;
  • Business representative explains tax accounting books to state agencies.
  • Consulting and guiding businesses to audit year-end financial statements.

Full package tax accounting service in Hanoi for foreign representative offices

  • Consulting on tax issues related to the operations of foreign representative offices in Vietnam;
  • Consulting on issues related to labor contracts; Work permits and temporary residence cards for foreign employees working at foreign representative offices in Vietnam;
  • Consulting on building salary, bonus, welfare, social insurance, and health insurance regimes for employees working at foreign representative offices in Vietnam;
  • Advise representative offices on preparing income confirmation letters and regulations to avoid double taxation;
  • Tax declaration and finalization representative for foreign representative offices in Vietnam;
  • Prepare payroll, declare and submit personal income tax deduction declarations monthly;
  • Prepare a cash book, review bank account statements with actual expenses of foreign representative offices in Vietnam;
  • Declare and pay social insurance to foreign representative offices in Vietnam by month and year;
  • Declare and submit the annual Personal Income Tax finalization declaration to the foreign representative office in Vietnam;
  • Prepare income confirmation letters and personal income tax deduction documents for employees of foreign representative offices in Vietnam;
  • Prepare annual reports (yearly) to send to the Department of Industry and Trade.

Comprehensive tax accounting service packages for businesses in Hanoi

Tax consulting services and completion of accounting books and documents for businesses

  • Consulting and perfecting accounting book systems for businesses, advising on how to keep accounting books and documents according to current legal regulations.
  • Comprehensive consulting on preliminary knowledge for businesses related to value-added tax, corporate income tax, and personal income tax…
  • Consulting on financial strategic planning, balancing reasonable costs in business operations of the enterprise.
  • Representing businesses to work and explain to state agencies.
  • Declare and submit tax reports and complete business accounting books.

Full monthly and quarterly tax accounting services

  • Receive invoices and documents from businesses, and advise on the reasonableness, validity, and legality of arising documents;
  • Classify and arrange invoices and documents;
  • Review and check input and output documents for compliance with legal regulations.
  • Balance input and output VAT for businesses;
  • Prepare various types of monthly and quarterly tax reports, and represent tax declaration and payment;
  • Complete documents and prepare accounting books.

Year-end tax accounting service

  • Consulting and support in preparing year-end financial reports;
  • Prepare personal income tax and corporate income tax finalization;
  • Prepare and print accounting books according to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance;
  • Hand over accounting books to clients.

Full tax accounting service for individuals in Hanoi

Personal income tax finalization service in Hanoi for foreigners

Personal income tax finalization service for foreigners is a special field that Viet An Tax Agent can provide to foreign clients.

  • Consulting on tax regulations for foreigners: Viet An tax agent has knowledge and experience in tax regulations related to foreigners. Our experts will help taxpayers clearly understand the specific tax regulations and legal requirements applicable to foreigners when finalizing personal income tax.
  • Determining sources of income and tax deductions: Viet An tax agent will assist taxpayers in determining sources of income from different sources such as salary, interest, dividends, commissions, business activities, and investments. They will provide you with information on applicable tax deductions and help taxpayers optimize the amount of tax payable.
  • Related legal advice and support: Viet An tax agent will provide you with advice and legal support related to personal income tax finalization for foreigners. Our experts will answer questions and help taxpayers understand the relevant legal and tax processes and requirements.
  • Representation before tax authorities: Viet An tax agent can represent authorized taxpayers before tax authorities during the tax settlement process. We will work with tax authorities to resolve issues and procedures related to clients’ personal income tax finalization.

Personal income tax finalization service in Hanoi for Vietnamese people

  • Advise clients on tax laws in general and personal income tax laws in particular;
  • Advise clients on regulations, procedures, and documents on personal income tax finalization;
  • Perform personal income tax finalization with client authorization, including preparing, completing, and submitting finalization documents to competent state agencies;
  • On behalf of clients, amend and supplement documents, directly work with competent authorities when required;
  • Perform other tax finalization-related services as clients need.

Viet An tax agent commits to the quality of tax accounting services

  • Enthusiastic with dedicated to clients and always put clients’ interests first;
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality of business and individual information when using Viet An Tax Agent’s services;
  • Responsible for explaining and protecting data when inspected by tax authorities;
  • A team of lawyers, tax experts, staff with professional tax practice certificates, and extensive experience to advise businesses in all fields.
  • Maximum support for clients’ difficulties to ensure clients’ legitimate rights and interests;
  • Committed to providing the best support at the most suitable cost for each client.

Clients who need to use tax accounting service in Hanoi from Viet An Tax Agent, please contact us for the fastest and most timely support!

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