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Procedures for setting up an advertising service company in Vietnam

How to make a product reach consumers? Or how to make a service widely known, it depends on many factors. One of the important factors that can not be ignored is advertising services. Today, the development of science and technology together with the need to advertise and introduce products of investors, to produce and provide services to a large number of customers, the advertising service business receives great attention due to high profitability. Therefore, many investors have chosen to advertise. What industry codes does the advertising service include? To have the most specific view, Viet An Law Firm would like to share to customers the following advertising service business code:

Advertising service industry code:

From August 20, 2018, when registering business lines, businesses will follow the Vietnamese economic system in the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 27/2018 / QD-TTg of July 6, 2018 replacing Decision No.337 / QD-BKH as before. To facilitate their business activities, businesses can register the following industries:

ID Name of Industry Code of business lines
1 Advertising 7310
2 Market research and public opinion polling 7320
3 Other publishing activitiesDetail:


– Publish catalogs online; photos, inscriptions and postcards; greetting card; form; posters, artwork reproductions; advertising materials and other materials;


– Publish online statistics or other information

4 Photographic activities 7420
5 Organization of conventions and trade showsDetail:


– The organization, promotion and / or management of events, such as business or exhibitions, introductions, conferences, with or without management, and the provision of staff responsible for organizational matters.

6 Detail:

– Printing of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, books and brochures, music manuscripts, maps, atlases, posters, catalogs, brochures and promotional publications other reports, postage stamps, tax stamps, documents, checks and other paper securities, diaries, calendars, commercial documents and other commercial printing publications, personal stationery items and other publications in letters, clay, embossed, lithographic and other printing techniques, copier prints, computer prints, embossed prints;


– Direct printing on textiles, plastics, metals, wood and ceramics;


Note about the advertising service business:

Advertising companies registered with advertising services are conditional business lines:

  • Advertising on goods and service business activities must have a business registration certificate.
  • Advertising for products, goods and services must have documents proving the conformity of products, goods and services according to the provisions of law.
  • For property advertisements which require a property ownership or use right certificate by law, there must be a property ownership or use right certificate.
  • Advertising for special products, goods or services must meet the following conditions:
  • Advertising drugs allowed to advertise in accordance with the law on health; must have a valid circulation permit in Vietnam and a user guide approved by the Ministry of Health;
  • Cosmetic advertising must have a cosmetic product proclamation report in accordance with the health law;
  • Advertisements on insecticidal and germicidal chemicals and preparations for household and medical use must have circulation registration certificates granted by the Ministry of Health;
  • Advertising of milk and nutritional products for infants not specified in Clause 4, Article 7 of this Law must have certificates of standards, certificates of food hygiene and safety for nutritional products manufactured in country; For imported nutritional products, there must be a product quality certificate issued by a competent agency of the producing country and a circulation permit;
  • Advertising of food and food additives must have a certificate of quality, hygiene and safety for food, food additives on the list of those subject to quality registration food hygiene and safety or a written receipt of the standard publication dossier, issued by a competent state agency for food and food additives on the list of standards subject to announcement;
  • Advertisements for medical examination and treatment services must have certificates of qualification for practice issued by the Ministry of Health according to the provisions of law;
  • Advertising of medical equipment must have a circulation permit for home-made medical equipment or import permit for imported medical equipment;
  • Advertisement of plant protection drugs, raw materials for plant protection drugs and plant protection materials must have plant protection drug registration certificates. Advertisements of useful organisms used in plant protection must have plant quarantine permits granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;
  • Advertising of veterinary drugs and veterinary supplies must have a product circulation permit and a summary of the product’s characteristics;
  • Advertising of fertilizers and bio products in service of cultivation, animal feed and bio products in service of animal husbandry must have product quality certificates or product quality self-declaration documents.

This is the advertising service industry code. Viet An Law Firm hopes to help customers more convenient in choosing a business code when clients set up company in Vietnam.

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