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Patent translation services in Vietnam

Viet An Law Firm is also an Intellectual Property Representative Organization in Vietnam with representative code 083 at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department. With nearly 20 years of practicing law and being an Intellectual Property Representative, we have advised thousands of applicants for intellectual property registration in general and patent registration in particular in Vietnam and abroad. In addition to supporting patent registration, Viet An Law also supports patent owners in translating foreign patents before registering in Vietnam and translating Vietnamese patents before registering abroad or translating patents for other purposes in a variety of languages and performed by patent experts and patent attorneys with experience and specialized expertise in specific fields such as chemicals, mechanics, materials physics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic chemistry, biology, electronics, technology, medicine, computer science, artificial intelligence… globally. We are proud to have connections with many intellectual property law firms around the world, so we will support patent translation services in Vietnam for clients in the best way and at the most reasonable cost.

patent protection

Process of providing patent translation services in Vietnam of Viet An Law Firm

Step 1: The client requests patent translation

We support clients, partners, and intellectual property law firms abroad who need to translate patents in Vietnam into many different languages. Accordingly, if you have any need to translate part or all of the invention description or patent registration dossier, please send information to Viet An Law. Please send your request via email or other media as WhatsApp, Skype, Zalo, Viber,… for Viet An Law.

Step 2: Receive client requests

Immediately after receiving your request within 12 working hours at the latest, we will respond to your request and quote service fees according to each specific request or apply a regular fee policy for loyal clients who regularly use Viet An Law’s services.

Step 3: The patent expert translates the invention as required

All of your patent translation requests will be carried out by patent experts of Viet An Law according to the respective fields within the expert’s expertise.

Step 4: Content review by patent attorney

After the translation is performed by patent experts in the field, it will be transferred to the patent attorney for review and examination. Check the criteria and requirements of the invention description by Vietnamese law, ensuring eligibility to apply for patent protection.

Step 5: The translation is given final control

The translation is done through the patent registration office by a team of lawyers and senior patent experts who specifically review and approve it before being returned to the client.

Step 6: Return the translation to the client

The translation is returned to the client for review and evaluation. In case the client needs any additions or has any related assessments, Viet An Law will support them until they satisfy all requirements and ensure the conditions for filing patent applications in Vietnam and abroad.

Why do you need to find a professional patent translation organization?

Patent translation is performed by language experts who understand patent techniques

Patent translators must be experts in the relevant field and proficient in the language. Because, when it comes to patent translation, we are talking about “Language Scientific”, which shows the need for high accuracy and specific expertise in the field of implementation of patents. Therefore, the person who translates patents and invention descriptions must be highly specialized in that field and have good language skills when performing translation work.

Translation ensures the highest benefits for clients regarding patent protection rights

Assets related to patent ownership are seemingly intangible assets but are huge intellectual property with extremely high value, it is an asset that determines the unique success of a feasibility project or a specific business activity that is difficult to compete with. Therefore, to ensure those high benefits for patent owners, it is necessary to have an Intellectual Property Representative to support. Viet An Law believes in providing the best support for clients when they need to translate patents, translate invention descriptions into many different languages.

Purpose of patent translation services

Patent translation to research the status of patent information

Patent information is an important source of information for researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, businesses, as well as patent professionals. Therefore, patent translation helps people find patent information for many useful purposes. Specifically:

  • Avoid wasting effort in researching and implementing solutions that already exist in inventions that have been applied for registration or granted protection titles;
  • Find out registered patent information to avoid infringing on the patent rights of others;
  • Determine the value of your invention, and evaluate the patentability of the invention;
  • Exploiting technology contained in a patent application that is not patented or not protected in certain countries, or whose patent protection has expired;
  • Collect information about competitors’ innovative activities and future business orientations related to patent protection rights;
  • Improve the quality of business decisions, for example, signing licensing contracts, establishing technology partnerships, business acquisitions and mergers;
  • Learn about the main development trends of specific technology fields, such as technology fields related to protecting public health, protecting the environment, and building a basis for policy-making.

Patent translation for patent registration

  • For inventions registered abroad, when translating the invention into Vietnamese register patent protection rights in Vietnam.
  • At the same time, for patent applications that have been filed in Vietnam, there is a need to translate them into other languages for registration in the required country.
  • When translating a patent application to submit a registration application in Vietnam, the translator needs to understand the differences in regulations and rules between the Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property and other patent registration agencies. such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO), and Japan Patent Office (JPO). From there, translating patents in Vietnam ensures that it meets the requirements for patent protection as well as the competent documents for filing patent applications in Vietnam.

Patent translation services according to specific requirements

  • Sometimes, for consulting attorneys writing patent descriptions, filing patent applications does not require a full translation of the entire patent information or technical documents. Normally, patent consultants only need to find and read information related to the relevant technical status and information announcing the novelty or protection claims of the invention. Therefore, they only need to support the translation of some criteria in the invention description.
  • Viet An Law Firm supports all patent translation requests for clients. Accordingly, if you have any special requests related to patent translation, do not hesitate to contact us for the best support. and according to the most specific needs.

Some notes for patent registration and patent translation services in Vietnam

  • Inventions, in particular, and intellectual property rights in general have national territory. Accordingly, the owner of a patent application is only protected in the country where the registration was made. If you want your invention to be protected in Vietnam, you must register it in Vietnam.
  • In which country the author or owner wants the invention to be protected, the applicant needs to register for patent protection in that country or designate a patent registration under the PTC Treaty in that country. To ensure the absolute security of your intellectual property, you must file patents in every jurisdiction where you have related activities.
  • Patent translation is a specialized professional activity compared to normal translation. In particular, if an invention wants to be protected, it must always be new compared to the world, so for no reason should you entrust the translation of the invention to a unit that does not have the expertise and function of representing intellectual property will harm your rights. In Vietnam, Viet An Law is ready to support patent translation and patent filing for clients with a team of experts and good lawyers with experience in inventions and intellectual property rights.

Patent translation services in Vietnam are provided by Viet An Law

Translating patents from foreign languages to Vietnamese and from Vietnamese to foreign languages. Include:

  • English;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Italian;
  • Korean;
  • Japanese;
  • Chinese;
  • Laos;
  • Khmer language,…..

Popular patent fields are patent translated in Vietnam

  • Translation of chemical patents;
  • Patent translation in the field of artificial intelligence;
  • Translating patents in computer science;
  • Translation of mechanical inventions;
  • Translation of physics inventions;
  • Translation of pharmaceutical patents;
  • Translation of patents on cosmetic chemicals;
  • Translation of biological inventions;
  • Translation of electrical and electronic inventions;
  • Translation of technological patents;
  • Translation of medical inventions,…

Patent translation, and patent registration representation for clients of foreign intellectual property law firms with patent applications in Vietnam

We are always ready to connect and provide services to our colleagues who are intellectual property law firms in foreign countries who need to register intellectual property rights: trademarks, industrial designs, and inventions in Viet Nam. With the desire to connect and provide the best service at the most reasonable cost, we have a separate service package for clients who are foreign businesses and need to translate and register patents for their clients in Vietnam.

For clients who need patent translation or patent registration in Vietnam and abroad, please contact Viet An Law Firm for the best support at the most reasonable cost!

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