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Establish a company in Vietnam for studying abroad consulting service

Nowadays, with the increasing trend of the young generation of Vietnam looking for opportunities to study abroad, the business of overseas study consulting services is really an attractive and potential business. development ability. However, the business of studying abroad consulting services is a conditional business. Therefore, when establishing a study abroad consulting company, traders need to find out the relevant conditions to ensure that the company can operate legally in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Establish a company in Vietnam for studying abroad consulting service

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    Legal basis

    • Law on Investment 2020;
    • Decree 46/2017/ND-CP, as amended and supplemented by Decree 135/2018/ND-CP;

    Conditions for establishing a company in Vietnam for studying abroad consulting service

    • As a company established under the provisions of the Law on Enterprises, the Law on Investment: Accordingly, it can be a Vietnamese-owned company or a foreign-invested company.
    • Having an independent head office;
    • There are facilities and equipment to serve the business of studying abroad consulting services
    • Having a team of employees who meet specific conditions:
    • Have a university degree or higher;
    • Capable of using at least one foreign language at level 4 or higher according to the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework for Vietnam and equivalent;
    • Possess a certificate of professional training in overseas study counseling as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training.

    (According to specific regulations before April 21, 2017, to establish and apply for a study abroad consulting license, the company must make a bank deposit and the legal representative must meet the conditions to have a university degree. , foreign language proficiency, professional certificate of study abroad counseling.However, as of 2023, this regulation has no longer existed, according to which the company only needs to have employees who meet the above personnel conditions. is able to apply for a study abroad consultant permit).

    Business scope of study abroad consulting services

    A company with a license to study abroad is permitted to carry out business activities including:

    • Introduction and advice on education policies of countries and territories; advising on the selection of schools, courses, professions and qualifications suitable to learners’ abilities and aspirations;
    • Organize advertising, conferences, seminars, fairs and exhibitions on studying abroad in accordance with the law;
    • Organization of enrollment, student enrollment abroad;
    • Organize necessary skills training for Vietnamese citizens to study abroad;
    • Organize the sending of Vietnamese citizens abroad to study, take their parents or guardians to visit overseas training places in accordance with the law;
    • Other activities related to overseas study consulting services business.

    Procedures for establishing a company in Vietnam for studying abroad consulting service

    Step 1: Prepare the company establish documents

    According to the information provided by the customer, Viet An Law Firm advises on related legal issues, drafts the company establishment dossier to transfer to the customer within 01 working day from the date of receipt of the full amount. customer information.

    Dossier to establish a company in Vietnam for studying abroad consulting service

    Depending on the type of company the client wants to establish (limited company, joint stock company, or other type of business), Viet An Law will prepare the corresponding dossier. Typically, the company’s incorporation documents include the following documents:

    • Enterprise registration application form.
    • Draft company charter;
    • List of members for multiple-member limited liability companies or list of founding shareholders for joint stock companies;
    • A valid copy of one of the personal identification papers such as citizen identification or passport, etc.
    • Authorization letter for the representative of the capital share if the organization contributes capital to the establishment of the company.

    Step 2: Submit the application for company establishment and pay the enterprise information disclosure fee

    After preparing all the documents in step 1, Viet An Law Firm will submit the application for the Enterprise Registration Certificate through the National Portal on Business Registration.

    Step 3: Get the Enterprise Registration Certificate

    After 03 working days, customers will receive the Enterprise Registration Certificate. However, because Certificates are mailed, customers will usually receive a little slower due to the delivery process.

    Step 4: Engrave company seal

    In 2023, enterprises will engrave their own seals and are solely responsible for the use of the company’s legal seal. Therefore, the company does not have to publish the seal sample announcement as before.

    Step 5: Complete transfer of results to customers and guide customers to carry out procedures after company establishment

    Transfer service results to customers such as Certificate of business registration, seal, disclosure of business registration information, advice on procedures and notes after business establishment: Company signboard , tax, accounting, labor and intellectual property.

    Step 6: Support and advise customers on legal issues related to company operations and tax declaration at the request of customers

    Viet An Law provides services related to tax accounting services , tax declaration, consulting on issues related to financial advice, branding, drafting contracts, consulting on arising legal issues. in business activities.

    Step 7: Procedures for granting a license to study abroad

    Dossier to apply for a study abroad consultant license

    • A written request for a Enterprise Registration Certificate of overseas study consulting services; with the main contents including: Objectives, content of activities; the ability to exploit and develop study abroad services; plans and measures to organize the implementation; a plan to deal with risk problems for the person being advised to study abroad;
    • A certified copy of the Enterprise Registration Certificate or Investment Registration Certificate;
    • The list of staff directly advising study abroad includes the following main information: Full name, date of birth, gender, professional qualifications, foreign language proficiency, job position will be Responsible for studying abroad consulting service organization; Certified copy of university diploma, foreign language certificate, certificate of professional training in overseas study counseling.

    Procedures for applying for a study abroad consultant license

    Within 15 working days from the date of receipt of a complete and valid application, the Director of the Department of Education and Training shall verify the application, verify the authenticity of the documents in the application, and issue a business registration certificate. study abroad consulting services; if the prescribed conditions are not satisfied, a written notice shall be sent to the study abroad consulting service organization, clearly stating the reason.

    Some reputable study abroad consulting companies in Vietnam

    GSE Study Abroad Consulting Company

    Founded in 2009 by former British students, is one of the most prestigious brands in the field of study abroad consulting and training with a network of offices in Vietnam, Australia and the UK. GSE is the official enrollment representative in Vietnam of 1,000+ prestigious universities, colleges and high schools from the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Singapore. In addition, GSE also provides English language training programs and other certificates for students who intend to study abroad.

    Study abroad consulting company IDP

    IDP Education is Australia’s leading international education organization that has been operating in Vietnam for over 25 years. According to statistics, on average 14 minutes, IDP helps a young person conquer the dream of studying abroad; VISA pass rate is over 95%. IDP is supporting students wishing to study in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland.

    Duc Anh translation and study abroad consulting company

    Duc Anh was established by a group of Aus Aid and Vietnamese State Scholarship alums, with operating license number 0102000996 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment on August 21, 2000, and License No. 2014/UD, issued by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam on March 20, 2001. The goal of the founders is to develop the company into a professional, transparent, efficient, and reliable student recruitment agency, for students and really contribute to building high human resources for the country. , providing opportunities to learn, succeed and help change the lives of international students.

    Vietnam study abroad consulting company Hop point

    Vietnam Hop Diem (English name is Viet Nam Center Point, abbreviated as VNCP) was established in late 2000, is a unit specializing in the promotion of international education programs. Vietnam Hop Diem has been chosen by many high-quality universities and high schools in Europe and America, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia as their enrollment and training partners. Among them are the National University of Singapore (NUS), Top 50 World Universities, Debrecen University of Medicine and Dentistry (Hungary), Fullerton University (USA).

    New Ocean study abroad consulting company

    New Ocean study abroad consulting company was established in 2007. Over the past 15 years, New Ocean has become a reliable companion of many families and young people. The company operates with the slogan “Bringing wings to dreams” and the mission of becoming a bridge between students and developing educations in the world.

    Customers wishing to establishing a company in Vietnam for studying abroad consulting service, change business registration, apply for a study abroad consulting license, sub-licenses of the business, advise on corporate law, investment law, etc., please contact us. Contact Viet An Law for the best support!

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