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Contract consultancy in Vietnam

Consulting about contracts as well as commercial contracts requires a lot of skills and expert knowledge of legal regulations. When consulting about contracts for clients, the contract consultant does not only have duties to protect the rights of parties but also have to foresee risks which may occur in the future to emend the provisions for actual situation and legal regulations.

Especially, nowadays, our business partners are really care for legal matters. They are professional and have knowledge of legal regulations relevant to the contract’s contents, invalid contracts and dispute settlement.

Viet An Law Firm are proudly to have a lawyer team who are specialized in the law of business and commerce as well as we have many years experienced in business practices of enterprises. On that grounds, we are willing to giving advice and support our clients during contract negotiation, contract signing and contract implementation.

Contract consulting services at Viet An Law Firm:

  • Consult about legal regulations and actual application of contract provisions in each kind of contracts for enterprises;
  • Participate in contract negotiation;
  • Consult about and participate in each negotiation period;
  • Research and analyze relevant information of parties in the contract as required by clients. Therefrom, we will offer our clients optimal solutions for drafting and signing contract to protect clients’ maximum benefits as well as equal benefits of parties;
  • Assess the contents of the contract draft between the enterprise and their partners as required by the enterprise and complying with the law;
  • Draft the contract as required by clients and complying with the law to protect clients’ maximum benefits as well as equal benefits of parties;
  • Consult about other legal issues as required by the enterprise;
  • Consult about and deal with contract disputes;
  • Consult about and interpret contents of contracts for the enterprise;
  • Particularly consult about any issue relevant to contracts for enterprise.

Kind of contracts Viet An Law Firm often consult for clients:

  • Consult about contract for sale of goods;
  • Consult about equity transfer agreement;
  • Consult about business cooperation contract;
  • Consult about joint venture agreement;
  • Consult about agency agreement;
  • Consult about brokerage agreement;
  • Consult about commercial franchise contract;
  • Consult about housing lease agreement;
  • Consult about transfer of land use rights contract;
  • Consult about loan agreement;
  • Consult about authorization contract;
  • Consult about technology transfer contract;
  • Consult about service contract;
  • Consult about mandate contract;
  • Consult about business sell and purchase contract;
  • Consult about stake transfer contract.

If our clients need helps in drafting contract or researching relevant legal regulations, please feel free to contact Viet An Law Firm for more information!

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