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Business visa for foreigners in Vietnam

Vietnam is developing very quickly as a country and with that brings the evolution in every front such as economy, politics, and culture, plus the natural resources and human elements, the nation is getting more attention than ever from around the world. To be able to make the most out of the situation, increasing business activities amongst enterprises especially inter-national co-operations is a must. With that in mind, the Vietnamese Government has adjusted the laws and one of them is the legislation regarding visa for foreigners in Vietnam

Business visa in Vietnam has DN1 and DN2 symbols. DN1 visa is issued to foreigners who work with other enterprises or organizations with legal status prescribed by Vietnamese law. DN2 visa is issued to foreigners who offer services, establish a commercial presence, perform other activities under treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party. DN visa’s validity is no more than 12 months, however, an expired visa may be considered to renew.

Business visa for foreigners in Vietnam

Conditions to apply for business visas

  • The foreigner must be a business partner with individuals or units with Vietnamese or foreign legal status in Vietnam;
  • Passport or dossiers is valid for international travel;
  • Guarantee agencies in Vietnam perform procedures at Vietnam Immigration Department and granted permission to enter.

Notes: At the moment due to Covid 19 when applying for a business visa, foreigners are only allowed to receive visas at embassies or consulates and unable to receive visas at international border gates with extra conditions that foreigners are tested negative with Covid 19 and have entry permits from Provincial People’s Committee. Because of that, organizations or individuals carry out the guarantee must perform the procedures to apply for entry permits at Vietnam Immigration Department to receive visas for foreigners at the nearest embassies or consulates to the foreigner’s place.

Dossiers required

  • Original passport is still valid according to the regulation;
  • An application form for visa card and extension for temporary residence card;
  • Entry permit issued by Vietnam Immigration Department that allows foreigner to enter and receive a visa;

Work permit if the foreigner is

  • required to work with the work permit, unless he/she has certification to work without a work permit;

Depend on the situation there might be extra dossiers required

  • Operation License of organizations, enterprises: Business Registration License, Investment License, Operation License of representative offices, branches….;
  • Seal Registration Certificate or written notice of organizations, enterprises;
  • Signed and sealed letter of introduction by competent individuals at organizations, enterprises.

Steps to apply for business visas

Vietnamese organizations, enterprises follow these 2 steps procedures to invite and guaran for foreigners:

  • Declare business information to immigration agencies;
  • Submit the application for visa card to Vietnam Immigration Department;

Applications are received at the Immigration Department. If the application is accepted, then the application-receiving officer will send back the entry permit to the organization and if declined, there will be a dossier sent back to the organization to explain the reason.

When the application is accepted, Vietnamese organizations or enterprises send entry permits to foreigners and double-check the information, then the foreigners perform procedures to apply for business visas at international airport gates or diplomatic representative agencies.

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