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Announcement of cosmetic products in Vietnam

The need of using cosmetics in Vietnam is favored not only for women but for all people in modern society. Imported cosmetics are still favored by Vietnamese consumers for their diverse variety and quality. According to the law, organizations and individuals importing cosmetics and selling cosmetic products on the market in Vietnam are responsible for announcing cosmetic products at Drug Administration of Vietnam before selling it on the market. The cosmetic importer is only allowed to sell the product on the market after it has been announced and has the receipt number of Cosmetic product proclamation of the Drug Administration of Vietnam then takes full responsibility for the safety, the effectiveness of cosmetic products sold on the market and must comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

Types of cosmetic products that must be announced

  • Creams, emulsions, milk, gels or oils used on the skin (hands, face, feet,….);
  • Mask (except chemical peeling products);
  • Coatings (liquid, paste, powder);
  • Makeup powder, after-bath powder, toilet powder;
  • Bath soap, deodorant soap;
  • Perfumes, perfumes for hygiene;
  • Products for bathing or washing (salt, soap, oils, gels,….);
  • Hair removal products;
  • Deodorant and anti-odor products;
  • Hair care products: (Hair dyes and bleaches, curling rinse, straighteners, hair curlers, hair shaping products, cleaning products (milk, powder, shampoo), hair nutrition (milk, cream, oil), styling products (milk, hairspray, wax);
  • Shaving products (cream, soap, milk, …);
  • Makeup and makeup remover products for the face and eyes;
  • Products for lips;
  • Products for oral and dental care;
  • Products are used to care and beautify nails, toenails;
  • Products for outside cleaning;
  • Sunscreen products;
  • Products that darken skin without sunbathing;
  • Anti-wrinkle products;
  • Other products.

Conditions for enterprises to announce the circulation of cosmetic products

  • Organizations, individuals whose name is on the cosmetic proclamation dossier must have a business registration certificate, including the function of cosmetic business;
  • Currently, according to the national economic code, the cosmetic business is recorded in the Business Registration Certificate as follows:

4649: Wholesale of other household appliances, details: Wholesale of perfumes, cosmetics and toilet preparations.


The cosmetic announcement procedure is conducted online through the website https://vnsw.gov.vn/. Currently, because all cosmetic publication announcement dossiers must be submitted online, the organization or individual whose name is on the cosmetic announcement dossier must register to use an electronic digital signature to submit the published announcement. The electronic signature for submitting can be used to be the digital signature for tax of the enterprise.

Request for a dossier for announcement of cosmetic product

  • 01 Notarized copy of Business Registration Certificate or Investment Registration Certificate;
  • The language in the announcement must be in Vietnamese and / or English;
  • In the following cases, cosmetic products are allowed to be declared in the same proclamation:
  • The products are packaged under a generic name and sold as a set of products;
  • Products with similar formulations but with different colors or smells;
  • Products that are different but are packaged together in the same packaging as a packaging unit;
  • Other forms will be decided by Drug Administration of Vietnam based on the ASEAN cosmetic committee’s decision.
  • When there are changes to the announced contents, organizations and individuals must re-announce them to Drug Administration of Vietnam;
  • The receipt number of cosmetic quality standards proclamation is valid for 05 years. Organizations and individuals must re-publish at least 01 month before the application receipt number expires and must pay fees as prescribed.

A dossier you need to prepare to announce imported cosmetics

Num. Documents Form/Quantity Provider
1 Business registration certificate (with cosmetic business / production function) or investment registration certificate of the organization or individual whose name is on the cosmetic product proclamation registration dossier 01 notarized copy Subscribers
2 Certificate of free sale of products in the country of origin 01 consularly legalized (original or copy) Subscribers
3 Power of attorney 01 consularly legalized original Subscribers
4 The product’s ingredient formula 01 copy Clients
5 Information about the product: Product form, presentation of the product, intended use of the product 01 copy Clients

Time for dossier preparation

  • Check the list of documents in the cosmetic product proclamation dossier: 01 – 02 working days from the date of receiving the document delivered by clients;
  • Drafting and submitting the cosmetic product proclamation dossier: 03 working days from the date of receiving the complete dossier transferred by the clients.


  • Time for dossier preparation may be prolonged depending on the number of cosmetic product standard proclamation dossiers and the required ingredient formula;
  • Only when receiving full documents in the cosmetic product proclamation dossier according to the list mentioned above, Viet An Law Firm will the process the registration of cosmetic product proclamation at the Drug Administration of Vietnam – Ministry of Health.

Carry out procedures to announce imported cosmetic products at the Drug Administration of Vietnam

Within 20-30 working days from the date of receipt of the complete cosmetic product proclamation dossier, the Drug Administration of Vietnam is responsible for issuing the number of Cosmetic product proclamation. After having this number, the product is freely circulated in the territory of Vietnam.


The validity of template for notification of cosmetic products is 05 years. When this template notification is expired, if the product continues to be sold in the market, the customer must carry out the re-announcement procedure for the announced product.

Service of Viet An Law on announcement of imported cosmetics

In order to help businesses reduce costs as well as time involved, Viet An Law provides clients with legal services to announce the circulation of specific imported cosmetic products:

  • Consulting about legal issues before implementing the procedure of announcing circulation cosmetic products;
  • Supporting businesses to prepare the dossier relating to the announcement of cosmetic products;
  • Drafting related legal documents;
  • Representing the business to carry out the procedures to announce cosmetic products at the competent state agency.

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