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Adjustment of foreign-invested company’s investment capital

Investment capital of foreign-invested company comprises two sources: Contributed capital to execute project (charter capital) and mobilized capital written in Certificate of Business registration. Investment capital could be equivalent to or higher than charter capital on Certificate of Business registration. Changing investment capital, the company must register for adjustment of Certificate of Investment registration and may change or not Certificate of Business registration if charter capital are not altered.

The dossier for adjustment of foreign-invested company’s investment capital:

  1. 02 notarized copies of Certificate of Investment registration/ Certificate of Business registration;
  2. 02 copies of Certificate of Tax registration ( for company which has not separated Certificate of Investment registration and Certificate of Business registration);
  3. A statement of project execution and a report on project execution up to the date of project adjustment;
  4. 01 notarized audited financial report up to the date of project adjustment;
  5. Certificate of direct investment account shows that charter capital has been paid fully ( if financial does not have any detail on this term);
  6. Documents of headquarter, include: contract on leasing headquarter, notarized documents proving lessor’s rights ( Certificate of Land usage; Constructing License; Certificate of Business registration in which has ratification of function: real estate trading or other equivalent documents).
  7. An investment proposal that specifies: number of foreign labors, number of Vietnamese labors; investors’ email and phone number; company’s phone number; the square of headquarter;
  8. Notarized copy of passport and certificate of temporary address (temporary citizen license) of legal representative.
  9. Certificate of account balance, financial report or of holding company (as for organization investor); saving account, certificate of account balance (as for individual investor) which is equivalent to planed capital increase.

The procedure of adjustment on foreign-invested company’s investment capital

Step 1: Registering for adjustment of Certificate of Investment registration

The processing day: 10-15 workdays

If the company has made change of charter capital simultaneously, the company needs to fulfill these procedure:

Step 2: Adjust Certificate of Business registration or separating Certificate of Business registration and Certificate of Investment registration (if not separated). The processing day: 03-05 workdays;

Step 3: Posing the business registration information on National Business Registration Portal;

Step 4: Reissuing legal entity’s seal according to new updated information (if company has not reissued seal pursuant to new regulations or old address of headquarter on old one);

Step 5: Notifying company’s seal;

The processing day: 04-06 workdays.

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