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Accounting services for a commercial enterprise in Vietnam

Commercial business is a profession that is considered to have great appeal in the market economy era; is a lever to promote trade between goods and consumers. Commercial enterprises have important responsibilities in the national economy because they are directly related to major relationships in society. Viet An Tax Agent is one of the reputable agent providing Accounting services for a commercial enterprise in Vietnam.

Important accounting operations in commercial enterprises

Warehouse management is the most important function in the accounting work of commercial enterprises, requiring accountants to always update and grasp the situation of import and export of goods inventory of their business.

Viet An tax agent provides comprehensive tax, consulting, and completes the most careful, detailed, and complete accounting books for commercial enterprises.

Comprehensive tax accounting services for a commercial enterprise in Vietnam from Viet An Tax Agent

  • Consulting so that businesses understand the regulations on Enterprise Law, Tax Law, and Accounting Law specifically related to the business fields and goods of the enterprise;
  • Consulting and guidance on when to issue sales invoices and record sales revenue;
  • Consulting on how to scientifically store accounting records, convenient for managing and searching records;
  • Receive documents, classify, check the validity, reasonableness, and legality of documents arising in the month or quarter;
  • Consulting and guiding businesses to prepare documents attached to invoices so that invoices can be deducted from input VAT and are deductible expenses when finalizing corporate income tax;
  • Balance input and output VAT for businesses;
  • Enter data and balance import and export of goods inventory by month and quarter.
  • Implement VAT declaration, personal income tax deduction declaration, and report usage status monthly and quarterly;
  • Balance temporary profits calculated monthly and quarterly for businesses;
  • Finalization of personal income tax, corporate income tax, year-end financial statements;
  • Complete documents and print accounting books;
  • Participate in explaining and finalizing taxes when there is an inspection decision from the tax management agency.

Benefits when using tax accounting services of Viet An Tax Agent

  • Ensure tax reporting is done in accordance with tax laws; Accounting book system in accordance with current accounting standards;
  • Get advice on tax regulations and enjoy incentives when using Viet An Law’s reputable legal consulting services such as: Establishing a business, changing business registration, applying for a license, and intellectual property…;
  • It is guaranteed that information about goods, customers, and suppliers of the business will not be disclosed.

Some questions related to accounting services for a commercial enterprise in Vietnam

When to issue invoices when selling goods from a commercial enterprise?

The time of invoice for the sale of goods is the time of transfer of ownership or rights to use the goods to the buyer, regardless of whether money has been collected or not.

Can the sales invoice date be before the purchase invoice date?

Commercial enterprises need to pay attention to good control of import, export, and inventory of goods, absolutely not allowing negative inventory at the time or negative inventory at the end of the period. Therefore, businesses must ensure that sales invoices are issued after the date of the purchase invoice.

Can commercial enterprises sell goods when the selling price is lower than the cost price?

Some cases where businesses sell goods at a price lower than cost price:

  • Businesses that sell products that are quickly outdated;
  • Goods with limited shelf life, short shelf life items such as food, medicine…;
  • Too much inventory of goods, must be sold at low prices to clear inventory;
  • Promotional and discounted goods.

Enterprises need to prepare documents to explain that the selling price is reasonably lower than the cost price. Tax authorities will base it on

  • Prices of goods and services are announced by state management agencies at the same time;
  • Buying prices and selling prices of businesses doing business in the same industry, products with a large business scale, and a large number of customers in the locality to determine the actual payment price in accordance with the market as a basis for price setting and purchase price, and tax amount payable.

In case the tax authority has sufficient grounds to determine that an enterprise is selling goods at an incorrect price, the enterprise will be subject to tax arrears and fines for false declaration and violation of tax administrative procedures.

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