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Tax accounting consulting services

Tax is a compulsory contribution to state revenue as well as a tool of economy management. Therefore, enterprises have their duties to perform tax accounting. Tax accounting could be understood as a process of performing tasks serving tax declaration and payment. Tax declaration and payment shall be follow the law.

Besides that, tax accounting helps enterprises’ business more explicit and transparent. To establish grounds for tax duties, enterprise have to record their transactions in the business and create reports, collect invoices… Performing tax accounting well also helps enterprises make business decisions.

Large-scale enterprises always have the accounting department to perform the tax accounting. However, at the moment, more than 97% of enterprises in Vietnam are small and medium enterprises, in which tax accounting performance is quite difficult due to the lack of experiences and legal knowledge. To help enterprises save time and money during the lack of an accounting department, Viet An Law Firm provide tax accounting services during the establishment and operation of enterprises with several packages at reasonable prices.

Services for new enterprises:   

  • Give guidelines, declare tax dossier for new enterprises;
  • Represent for clients to work with tax agencies on initial tax declaration, invoices printing and print invoices;
  • Print invoices as required by enterprises;
  • Register the digital signature and pay online-taxes for enterprises;
  • Consult about tax law.

Tax accounting services monthly, quarterly and annually:

General consulting services:

  • Consult about accounting books and documents as prescribed by the law for enterprises;
  • Consult about accounting methods for enterprises;
  • Consult for enterprises about general knowledge relevant to creation and storage of accounting documents, wage and salary, social insurance for employees;
  • Consult for enterprises about problems and legal regulations relevant to license tax, VAT, enterprise income tax, personal income tax and others (if any).

Tax declaration and payment services:

  • Declare and submit the report on VAT;
  • Declare and submit the report on enterprise income tax;
  • Declare and submit the report on personal income tax;
  • Declare and submit the report on the use of invoices;
  • Create and submit the financial statements;
  • Represent for clients to perform tax declaration, report and pay taxes at the state-authorized agencies.

Services during the operation of enterprises:

  • Create and complete the accounting books system for enterprises as prescribed by the law;
  • Give enterprise’s accountants guidelines on accounting knowledge as prescribed by the law;
  • Return documents, accounting books to clients after finishing;
  • Consult about financial strategies, cost rationalization for the operation of enterprises;
  • Consult and implement errors in tax accounting of enterprises.

Performing tax accounting in the best way, besides accounting specialization, needs legal knowledge and understanding of procedures. Enterprises having any questions about tax accounting, please feel free to contact Viet An Law Firm to get legal advice as well as service packages!

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