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Set up a polyclinic company in Vietnam

Currently, the need for social security is increasing, many polyclinics are opening, and to operate, polyclinics must be established by the decision of a competent authority or be granted a certificate. receive business registration and operating license. Accordingly, to be licensed to operate polyclinics, they must meet all conditions prescribed by law. In the article below, Viet An Law will present the legal regulations to set up a polyclinic company in Vietnam.

Polyclinic company

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    Legal basis

    • Decree 96/2023/ND–CP details several articles of the law on medical examination and treatment.

    General conditions to set up a polyclinic company in Vietnam

    Scale and organizational structure of the polyclinic

    According to Decree 96/2023/ND-CP, in addition to fully meeting the general conditions specified in Article 40, according to Article 42 of the decree, to be granted an operating license, polyclinics need to meet additional requirements. Conditions on the clinic scale and organization are as follows:

    • Must have three or more specialties including at least 2 of the 4 specialties of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and pediatrics;
    • There is a paraclinical department such as testing and diagnostic imaging; There is an emergency room, a minor surgery room (if minor surgery is performed), and a patient storage room;
    • In case a polyclinic meets all the conditions corresponding to the organizational form of another medical examination and treatment facility according to Article 39 of the Decree (except for the hospital organizational form), the scope of the hospital will be supplemented. Professional activities correspond to the form of organization of that medical examination and treatment facility.


    According to Article 40 of Decree 96/2023/ND-CP, to open a polyclinic, it is necessary to meet the following facilities conditions:

    • Fixed location (except for cases of organizing mobile medical examination and treatment), separate from family activities, ensuring enough light, having a dust-proof ceiling, walls, and floors must use materials easy to clean and sanitize;
    • There are signs, diagrams, and signs leading to faculties, departments, professional and administrative departments;
    • Ensure conditions for radiation safety, load-bearing safety, fire prevention and fighting, and medical waste treatment according to the provisions of law;
    • Ensure enough electricity, water, and other conditions to care for patients.

    In addition to fully meeting the above conditions as prescribed, the polyclinic must meet the area requirements according to Decree 96/2023/ND-CP as follows:

    • The emergency room has a minimum area of 12m2;
    • The patient room has a minimum area of 15m2, with at least 2 or more beds. If there are 3 or more beds, the area must be at least 5m2/bed;
    • Specialized clinics have a minimum area o 10m2;
    • In case techniques and procedures are performed, in addition to the specialized clinic, there must be an additional room to perform techniques and procedures with a minimum area of 10m2.. If occupational therapy techniques are performed, it must ensure a minimum room area of 20m2.

    Note: A sterilization area is required to process reused medical instruments (except in cases where there are no instruments that need to be re-sterilized or there is a contract to sterilize instruments with another medical examination and treatment facility). In the case of processing and preparing traditional medicine, it must meet the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

    Request medical equipment

    Polyclinics need to meet medical equipment standards, specifically as follows:

    • Have a full range of medical equipment by the list of technical expertise and registered scope of activities;
    • Have a box of anti-shock medicine and enough specialized emergency medicine;
    • If a polyclinic has the function of examining and treating occupational diseases, it must at least have a biochemical testing department.

    Clinic personnel conditions

    Decree 96/2023/ND-CP stipulates personnel conditions for polyclinics as follows:

    • Ensure the number of practitioners according to scale, and technical list and achieve the ratio of practitioners according to regulations of the Ministry of Health (including practitioners who have been granted practice licenses by licensing agencies of the people’s armed forces but do not continue to work in the people’s armed forces and continue to use the issued practice licenses);
    • The person responsible for technical expertise must be a full-time practitioner of the facility and have a scope of practice consistent with the scope of professional activities of the facility, with a minimum practice period of 36 months (unless Practitioners with the title of physician, people with knowledge of traditional medical treatment methods);
    • In case a medical examination and treatment facility has many specialties, the practice license of the person in charge of technical expertise must have a scope of practice appropriate to the registered specialty;
    • Practitioners must be assigned to the correct scope of practice and approved by competent authorities;
    • Medical technicians with the scope of practicing medical testing with a university degree are allowed to read and sign test results. In case the medical examination and treatment facility does not have a practitioner who has been granted a license to practice with the title of medical testing specialist or medical technician with the scope of medical testing practice with a university degree. The doctor ordering the test reads and signs the test results (similar to medical techniques and the scope of medical imaging practice);
    • Other subjects participating in the medical examination and treatment process but not required to be licensed to practice under the provisions of the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment are allowed to perform professional activities as assigned by the person in charge of the profession. the technical expertise of the medical examination and treatment facility, the assignment must be consistent with the professional qualifications and abilities of that person;
    • In cases where a practitioner is a lecturer at a health sector training facility and also works at a medical examination and treatment facility that is a practice facility of that training facility, he/she may concurrently work as a leader of departments and ministries. specialized departments of medical examination and treatment establishments.

    Conditions for health examination facilities

    According to Article 40 of Decree 96/2023/ND-CP, establishments that organize health examination activities, in addition to being organized in the form of a polyclinic, must meet the following conditions:

    • There are enough clinical and paraclinical examination departments, human resources, and necessary medical equipment to examine and detect health status according to standards, and a health examination form is issued along with guiding documents for health examination;
    • Ensure the connection of the driver’s health certificate data with the Information System for management of medical examination and treatment activities or the national health database or data reception portal of the Insurance Inspection Information System. medical insurance.

    Consulting service on setting up a polyclinic of Viet An Law

    • Consulting on conditions to set up a polyclinic company in Vietnam;
    • Instructions for drafting documents to apply for a Certificate of eligibility for polyclinic business and related medical examination and treatment practice licenses;
    • Instructions on procedures and conditions to apply for a license to operate a polyclinic;
    • Representing customers to carry out procedures to apply for a business license for a polyclinic that meets current legal regulations.

    If you have questions or legal needs related to the conditions for setting up a polyclinic company in Vietnam, please contact Viet An Law Firm for the best advice and support!

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