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Set up a company in Vietnam for the elevator installation

Elevators were born to make moving easier. Elevators not only satisfy the moving needs of people, it also serve to support transportation activities in all areas of life. The value ​​​​of the elevator is the premise for developing high-rise buildings, apartments, and commercial centers. When using stairs, houses will only be built on a certain number of floors. But when the elevator was born, the architecture of buildings could be built horizontally, rose higher, the more infrastructure was promoted, making the economy grow as well.

Industry code for declaring to set up a company in Vietnam for the elevator installation

No. Business lines Industry code
1. Construction of residential buildings 4101
2. Construction of non-residential buildings 4102
3. Construction of railway works 4211
4. Construction of road works 4212
5. Construction of electrical works 4221
6. Construction of water supply and drainage works 4222
7. Construction of telecommunications and communication constructions 4223
8. Construction of other utility projects 4229
9. Construction of hydraulic structures 4291
10. Construction of mining and quarrying facilities 4292
11. Construction of manufacturing facilities 4293
12. Construction of other civil engineering works


– Construction of buildings other than houses such as outdoor sports facilities. – Separation of land from land reclamation (For example: paving, widening the road, public infrastructure,…).

13. Demolition 4311
14. Site preparation 4312
15. Installation of water supply, drainage, heating and air conditioning systems 4322
16. Installation of other construction systems


– Installation of equipment systems other than electrical systems, water supply and drainage systems, heating and air conditioning systems or industrial machines in buildings and civil engineering works, including maintenance, repair this equipment system.

– Installation of equipment systems in houses and other constructions such as:

+ Elevators, escalators,

+ Rolling doors, automatic doors,

+ Lightning conductor,

+ Dust collection system,

+ Sound system,

+ Sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-vibration system.

17. Building completion and finishing 4330
18. Other specialized construction activities 4390
19. Other remaining business support services n.e.c

Details: Import and export of the company’s products;

20. Other manufacturing n.e.c

Details: – Manufacturing, trading in equipment, materials, consumables, additives in the steelmaking industry; Manufacturing, trading, assembling, installation, warranty and maintenance of machines and equipments: medical, sports, education, office, sound, light, electricity, electronics, electromechanical, telecommunications, information technology; – Manufacturing, consulting, trading, installing and maintaining air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, air cooling equipment, cold storage; Manufacture, trading, installation, maintenance and repair of CCTV equipment, access control equipment, anti-intrusion equipment, fire prevention, and fighting equipment, industrial automatic control equipment and test measuring equipment; – Producing and trading equipment for elevators, escalators, winches, lifting machines, cranes, conveyors, and spare parts;

21. Wholesale of materials and other installation equipment in construction 4663

Procedures for set up a company in Vietnam for the elevator installation

Step 1: Prepare the company establishment dossier

According to the information provided by the customer, Viet An Law Firm consults on related legal issues, drafts the company establishment dossier to transfer to the customer within 01 working day from the date of receiving of the full customer information.

Step 2: Submit the company establishment dossier and pay the enterprise information disclosure fee

After preparing all the dossiers in Step 1, Viet An Law Firm will submit the dossier for the Enterprise Registration Certificate through the National Portal on Business Registration.

Step 3: Obtain the Enterprise Registration Certificate

After 03 working days, customers will receive the Enterprise Registration Certificate. However, because Certificates are sent by post, customers will usually receive a little slower due to the delivery process.

Step 4: Engrave the company’s seal

In 2023, enterprises will engrave their own seals and are solely responsible for the use of the company’s legal seal. Therefore, the company does not have to publish the seal sample announcement as before.

Step 5: Complete the transfer of results to customers and guide customers to carry out procedures after the company establishment

Transfer service results to customers such as the Enterprise Registration Certificate, seal, disclosure of the enterprise registration information, consult on procedures and notes after the enterprise establishment: Company signboard, tax, accounting, labor, and intellectual property.

Step 6: Support and consult customers on legal issues related to company operations and tax declaration at the request of customers

Viet An Law provides services related to tax accounting services, tax declaration, consulting on issues related to financial, and brand, drafting contracts, and consulting on legal issues arising in business activities.

Clients wishing to establish a company in Vietnam, change the enterprise registration certificate, or consult on enterprise law, or investment law, please contact Viet An Law Firm for the best support!

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