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Set up a company in Hai Phong

Hai Phong is an important port city, it is also known as an industrial and seaport center as well as an economy, culture, health, education, science, business, and technology center of the Northern Coast region. Hai Phong city is one of the five centrally-run cities in Vietnam, a grade 1 city, a regional and national center, along Da Nang and Can Tho.

 That is why Hai Phong is attracting more and more domestic and foreign investors to invest and set up businesses. In the first 4 months of 2020, Hai Phong has 832 newly established enterprises (accounting for 7,2% of the Red River area and accounting for 2,2% of the whole country) with a registered capital of 5,923 billion VND (accounting for 3,9% of the region and 1,3% of the whole country). The total number of registered employees of newly established enterprises in Hai Phong is 10,882 (accounting for 9,5% of the region and 3,4% of the country).

Therefore, Hai Phong is an extremely potential city for investors to exploit. To support the need to set up a company in Vietnam & Hai Phong, Viet An Law would like to guide business registration procedures in Hai Phong as follows:

Set up a company in Hai Phong

Company establishment procedures in Hai Phong:

Step 1: Prepare documents to carry out the company establishment procedure in Hai Phong:

          To carry out the company establishment procedures, customers need to prepare a notarized copy of an identity card or a valid passport of founding members and shareholders of the company.

Step 2: Draft the company establishment dossier:

  • A charter of company;
  • A list of members for two-member limited liability companies, a list of founding shareholders for joint-stock companies;
  • A valid copy of one of the notarized documents:
    • For individuals: a valid ID card or passport;
    • For organizations: enterprise registration certificate for organizations and accompanied by personal identification card, authorization decision of authorized representatives of organizations;
  • Capital contribution decision for company members or institutional shareholders of the company;
  • Other documents in special cases (Viet An Law shall advise customers to prepare under the law);
  • A legal service provision contract (Authorization contract) to authorize Viet An Law to perform business establishment services).

Step 3: Apply for Business Registration Certificate:

          Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment of Hai Phong

          Website: http://www.haiphong.gov.vn.

Step 4: Engrave the company seal.

Step 5: Publish business registration information:

          After being granted a business registration certificate, the company needs to apply for enterprise establishment information disclosure on the National Business Registration Portal under the law. Published contents include the content of the business registration certificate and the following information:

  • Lines of business;
  • List of founding shareholders and shareholders being foreign investors to a joint-stock company.

The term of publishing business registration contents: Within 30 days from the date of issuance of a business registration certificate, an enterprise must publish enterprise registration information on the National Business Registration Portal.

          Processing time: 04 – 06 working days

Viet An Law’s services to establish a company in Hai Phong include:

  • Consult on choosing the type of company: Limited liability company, Joint-stock company, Partnership or Private Enterprise, head office address, capital, business lines; open transfer account, the deadline for capital contribution;
  • Consult on conditions, guide the preparation of necessary documents to establish the company;
  • Consult, draft company establishment documents;
  • Represent for customers to work with competent state agencies in the process of enterprise establishment (Apply for the Investment Registration Certificate, Business Registration Certificate, Business License, legal entity seal, the announcement of seal sample, post-establishment procedures, tax legal consulting services – accounting, opening direct and indirect investment accounts, transferring profits abroad, labor – insurance, issues related to intellectual property rights,…;
  • Consult on activities arising in the process of doing business for customers.

Above are the consultations of Viet An Law, thank customers for your interest. If customers have any questions, please contact Viet An Law for the best support!

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