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Personal income tax service in Vietnam

Personal income arising in Vietnam is the amount of money that employees in Vietnam must pay tax. The development trend is that technology is now an effective support for workers in the process of improving production efficiency. In the past, instead of having only one source of income from one place, now many of you have income. Enter outsourcing, or simply change your workplace during the fiscal year. This means that you are responsible for declaring and fulfilling tax obligations to the state.

Reality shows that there are many cases where individuals have not fulfilled their tax finalization obligations according to the provisions of current law and have been penalized by tax authorities. The reason comes from subjectivity and there are also objective factors, so when it comes to the “season” of finalization, individuals who are subject to self-finalizing taxes have to be busy preparing documents, papers, vouchers…

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    Determine tax liability

    To determine whether your tax liability after finalization is payable or whether you will refund the deducted tax, please contact us immediately at Viet An Tax Agent Company for advice and practical support. Perform personal income tax finalization procedures quickly and accurately.

    Tax settlement deadline

    • In cases where the individual taxpayer incurs additional tax payable during tax finalization, the deadline to fulfill the 2023 personal income tax finalization obligation is May 2, 2024 at the latest.

    In cases where the taxpayer has a tax amount deducted during the year that is higher than the tax amount payable, that is, the taxpayer will receive a refund of the overpaid tax amount from the tax authority, there is no regulation on the time for finalization procedures, but they are I also need to note to you that in April, all tax authorities appoint a specialized department to support taxpayers, so we encourage you to be proactive in any situation. Settlement procedures as soon as possible to receive the best support.

    • In case of tax payable, after submitting the declaration to accurately determine the additional tax amount, you need to make additional payment to the state budget by the deadline of the declaration date which is also the payment deadline. If you have not yet fulfilled your tax payment obligation, the tax authority will charge late payment interest according to the provisions of the law.
    • In case you receive a tax refund after receiving a refund decision from the tax authority, you will receive the refund amount. The time to receive the tax refund depends on the tax authority where you submit your regular tax return 5 to 10 days from the date of the decision.

    The fee for personal income tax service in Vietnam

    To avoid penalties for late tax declaration and payment or to answer your questions such as not having updated your identification card, not having changed your personal information, or having income from a business that you did not work for that business during the year… with a service cost of only from 500,000 VND, Viet An Tax Agent will answer and advise your questions and assist you with the following specific procedures:

    • Consulting on regulations, procedures, and documents on personal income tax finalization;
    • Register for an Etax Mobile electronic tax transaction account;
    • Determine where to submit tax finalization documents;
    • Perform personal income tax finalization when authorized, including preparing, completing, and implementing tax finalization declaration;
    • On behalf of customers, amend and supplement documents and directly work with tax authorities upon request;

    Prepared dossier

    If in the year you have had many other businesses, whether at the same time or not at the same time, please contact the units that have paid your income to apply for the following documents: certificate of PIT tax withholding, income confirmation letter, dependent deduction registration information. After receiving all the above documents, you can send them to us. Viet An Tax Agent will receive the information and notify you of the results after checking the provided information. We commit to accompany and support the procedure until you complete the procedure.

    Above are some brief contents that Viet An Tax Agent has compiled for readers’ reference.

    If you have any questions about tax regulations or need to use Viet An Tax Agent’s personal income tax service in Vietnam, please contact the Hotline: (+84) 988 856 708 for the best support.

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