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Cosmetics product of shampoo proclamation in Vietnam

Shampoo is one of the types of cosmetics of hair cleaning products must carry out procedures for cosmetic product announcement. The dossier for procedure of announcing the this product in comparison with normal cosmetics is not much difference. Therefore, the conditions for enterprises to proclaim cosmetic products will also include the following components:

  • Copy of business registration certificate of organizations, individuals who are responsible for circulation products into the market;

It is necessary to attach a business license that has the wholesale trade or cosmetic retail to show that the enterprise is eligible for trading in the said commodity.

  • Original or notarized copy of letter of attorney from the producers or the owners of products authorized for organizations, individuals are responsible of putting products on the market; (have legal notarized);
  • Certificate of free sale (CFS) is only applied for import cosmetic product proclamation which satisfies the following requirements:CFS which is issued by the current territory must have been original or legally notarized and still in the day of validity. In case CFS is not provided of the expiry day, it must be a certificate which has just been issued within 24 months; and CFS must be consul legalized according to provisions of the law, except consul legalization immunity case according to the international treaties in which Vietnam is a member; and
  • Cosmetic Ingredients (In this step, Viet An Law Firm will proceed to make the a cosmetic product proclamation and proclamation data (soft version of proclamation report).

Particularly for a product with complex components, additional documentation should be attached to these components.

The order of proclamation the circulation of cosmetics includes:

Within 20-30 working days as from the date of receiving the complete dossiers of announcement of cosmetic products, department of Medicine management – the Health Ministry shall have to promulgate the number of publicized products.

Results of settling of dossiers of announcement of cosmetic products: The competent state agencies shall issue decisions or refuse to issue the serial number of reports on cosmetic products.

The receipt number of cosmetic product proclamation report shall be valid for 05 years since issuing day. After 05-year-expiry, if organizations or individuals want to continue selling product in the market, they must make a proclamation again before the expiry of the receipt number of cosmetic product proclamation report and pay a regulated cost fee.

Thus, unlike the quality management, product verification of procedures for proclamation quality standards, the procedure of product circulation declaration to allow The authority agencies can manage enterprises, individuals will be responsible for putting cosmetic products on the market. Therefore, in two different ways, the proclamation of cosmetic quality standards will not exclude the proclamation of cosmetic products in the list of products for circulation in accordance with the Agreement on the Asean harmonized cosmetic regulatory scheme. Therefore, businesses need to know the procedures for licenses for cosmetics before deciding to trade. Viet An will consult the legal issues related to the publication of cosmetics for each type of product and brand name in order to help enterprises to approach business clearer.

The procedures for consultancy on the issue of circulation of cosmetics of Viet An include:

  • Consultant to prepare dossier;
  • Prepare records and simplify legal procedures for businesses;
  • On behalf of enterprises working with authority agencies on emerging issues; and
  • After-salesconsultant when the product has circulated in the market.

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