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Conditional business lines for foreign investors

According to Decree 31/2021/ND-CP, which officially took effect from March 26, 2021, regulates conditional business lines for foreign investors. Therefore, when a foreign investor establishes a foreign-invested company, if registered in conditional business lines, he/she must satisfy the conditions specified in the Trade Agreements, WTO commitments, … and following Vietnamese law. Viet An Law Firm would like to summarize the list of conditional business lines applicable to foreign investors as follows: including 59 industries:

Conditional business lines for foreign investors

Vietnam investment

1. Production and distribution of cultural products, including video recordings.

2. Production, distribution, and projection of television programs and works of music, theater, and cinema.

3. Providing radio and television services.

4. Insurance; Bank; securities trading and other services related to insurance, banking, and securities trading.

5. Post and telecommunications services.

6. Advertising service.

7. Printing service, publishing service.

8. Measurement and mapping services.

9. Photography service from above.

10. Educational Services.

11. Exploration, exploitation, and processing of natural resources, minerals, oil, and gas.

12. Hydropower, offshore wind power, and nuclear energy.

13. Transport of goods and passengers by rail, air, road, river, sea, pipeline.

14. Raising and growing aquatic products.

15. Forestry and hunting.

16. Business betting, casino.

17. Security Services.

18. Construction, operation, and management of river ports, seaports, and airports.

19. Real estate business.

20. Legal services.

21. Veterinary services.

22. Goods sale and purchase activities and activities directly related to goods sale and purchase activities by foreign service suppliers in Vietnam.

23. Technical inspection and analysis services.

24. Tourist services.

25. Health and social services.

26. Sports and entertainment services.

27. Paper production.

28. Manufacture of transport means over 29 seats.

29. Development and operation of traditional markets.

30. Commodity Exchange operation.

31. Domestic retail collection services.

32. Auditing, accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services.

33. Price appraisal service; Enterprise valuation consultancy for equalization.

34. Services related to agriculture, forestry, and fishery.

35. Manufacturing and manufacturing aircraft.

36. Manufacturing and manufacturing railway locomotives and wagons.

37. Manufacturing and trading in tobacco products, tobacco raw materials, machinery, and equipment specialized in the tobacco industry.

38. Publisher’s Activity.

39. New building and repair of ships.

40. Waste collection services, environmental monitoring services.

41. Commercial arbitration services, arbitration mediation.

42. Business logistics services.

43. Coastal shipping.

44. Cultivation, production, or processing of rare crops, breeding of rare wildlife, and the processing and handling of these animals or plants, including live animals and preparations products from them;

45. Production of building materials.

46. ​​Construction and related engineering services.

47. Motorcycle assembly.

48. Services related to sports, fine arts, performing arts, fashion shows, beauty and model competitions, and other recreational activities.

49. Air transport support services; ground technical services at airports and airports; catering services on the aircraft; navigation information services, aviation meteorological services.

50. Ship agency services; ship towing services

1. Services related to cultural heritage, copyright and related rights, photography, video recording, recording, art exhibitions, festivals, libraries, museums;

52. Services related to promotion and promotion of tourism.

53. Agent services, recruitment, and scheduling agent, management for artists, athletes.

54. Family-related services.

55. E-commerce activities.

56. Cemetery business, cemetery service, and burial service.

57. Airborne seeding and chemical spraying services.

58. Maritime pilotage services;

59. Investment sectors and trades under the pilot mechanism of the National Assembly, the National Assembly Standing Committee, the Government, and the Prime Minister.

If you wish to set up a company with a foreign investment with conditions, please contact Viet An Law Firm for specific advice.

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