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Change the head office address of a limited liability company in Vietnam

Change of company head office address is the enterprise moving the company headquarters to a new place and must carry out procedures for  changing the enterprise registration certificate and changing the seal again if there is address information on the seal different from the new address.

The location of the head office not only affects the business situation of the company, but also related to legal factors in the course of the company’s operations. The Enterprise Law  stipulates that the head office of an enterprise is the contact point of the enterprise in the territory of Vietnam, whose address is determined including the number of houses, niches, alleys, alleys, streets, streets or villages, hamlets, communes, wards, towns, districts, districts, towns, provincial cities, etc  provinces and centrally-run cities; telephone number, fax number and email (if applicable).

The company may transfer the head office address to another place within the same district, the same province or to another province or centrally-run city where the enterprise has been registered.

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Legal bases

  • Enterprise Law 2020
  • Decree 01/2021/ND-CP dated January 04th 2021
  • Circular 01/2021/TT-BKHDT dated March 16th 2021

Procedures for carrying out procedures for changing the head office address of a limited liability company in Vietnam

Tax finalization with the current head office tax administration agency

(The company only has to perform step 1 when there is a change in the company’s headquarters in different districts or provinces).

Fulfillment of tax finalization obligations (tax inspection)

When the company changes the head office address of another district or province before carrying out procedures for changing enterprise registration at the Certificate Registration Office. The company needs to carry out tax finalization procedures with the current tax department or tax administration agency. This is one of the very new points applied in 2023 when businesses make changes to the headquarters of companies in different districts and provinces.

Carry out the procedure for confirming tax obligations

Except for the case, the newly established or newly finalized company at the current tax department when changing to different districts or provinces, it is only necessary to carry out procedures for closing tax obligations with the old tax administration agency. After confirmation by the tax authority, the company makes changes in certificate registration at the business registration office where the new head office of the company is registered.

Change of address on the Enterprise Registration Certificate in Vietnam

In case of changing the head office address, the enterprise shall send a dossier of registration for change of enterprise registration contents to the Enterprise Registration Office where the new head office is located.

The dossier includes the following documents:

  • Notice of change of enterprise registration contents signed by the legal representative of the enterprise;
  • Resolutions and decisions of the company owner for a one-member limited liability company; resolutions, decisions and copies of meeting minutes of the Members’ Council for limited liability companies with two or more members, partnerships, of the General Meeting of Shareholders for joint-stock companies on the change of head office address of the enterprise.

Change the mark of your enterprise:

In case of changing the address, the enterprise needs to engrave a new mark, it shall comply with the following regulations:

  • A seal includes a seal made at a seal engraving establishment or a seal in the form of a digital signature in accordance with the law on e-transactions.
  • The enterprise decides on the type of seal, quantity, form and content of the seal of the enterprise, branches, representative offices and other units of the enterprise.
  • The management and retention of the seal shall comply with the provisions of the company’s charter or regulations promulgated by the enterprise, branch, representative office or other unit of the enterprise bearing the seal. Enterprises use seals in transactions in accordance with the provisions of law.

Service of changing enterprise registration contents of Viet An Law firm

  • Advising on the provisions of the Enterprise Law related to changes in enterprise registration contents: Company name; Corporate headquarters; Telephone; Website; Business lines; Increase or decrease charter capital; Manager’s title; Legal representative; Change of membership; Change the structure of contributed capital.
  • Drafting dossiers of change of business registration in accordance with customer requirements and relevant laws; Carry out procedures for changing business registration: Register seals (if arising); Procedures related to tax authorities (if any);
  • On behalf of the client, work with the competent authorities to resolve procedures related to the change of enterprise registration contents.

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