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Things enterprises have to do after establishing in Vietnam

When receiving the Certificate of Business registration from Business Registration Division, some enterprises are in a hurry to operate but some others want to wait for more suitable time to start their business. All of them seems to forget that they still need to carry out some administrative procedures to obey the legal regulations. As soon as the Certificate is issued, company’s information has been posted on the system of the National Business Registration Office and managed by the local tax authority, so the company has to made initial tax declaration. The following article may be helpful for some enterprises to know the specific obligations and avoid being fined by the tax office.

What to do after receiving the Certificate of business registration:

  1. Every enterprise is entitled to decide the form, quantity, and contents of its seal. Before using the seal, the enterprise must send the seal design to the business registration authority in order for the business registration authority to post it on the National Business Registration Portal.
  2. Paying license tax:
    • Opening a bank account for a company: conducted by the legal representative of that company. A dossier for bank account application includes:
      • 01 notarized copy of ” Certificate of Business registration “
      • 01 notarized copy of identity card or passport of the legal representative of the enterprise.
      • 01 notarized “Announcement on posting information of enterprise seal”. Bring your business seal when you come to the bank.
    • Register digital signature for electronic tax payment and tax report via the Internet.
    • Register to pay tax online from a bank where the company has registered to open account
    • Carrying out the license tax not later than the last day of the month in which the enterprise starts operating as stated in the Business registration certificate. However, if the certificate does not reflect this information, tax authority will calculate based on the day Business registration certificate was issued.
  3. Registration of initial tax declarition:
    • Dossier should have:
      • 02 form 06/GTGT Applying the method of calculation of VAT (specified in Circular 156/2013 / TT-BTC)
      • 02 form 08 / MST Registration of bank account information
      • 02 notarized copies of Business Registration Certificate
      • 02 copy of ID card Legal representative of the enterprise
      • 02 copies of notification of approval the electronic tax payment service through banks
      • Letter of authorization for other person or organisation who carry out tax declaration procedures (if any).
      • After five working days, the tax office shall return the result of the application of the tax calculation method.
  4. Invoices
    • After receiving the result of the tax calculation method, if the enterprises need, they shall submit an official dispatch to the tax office asking for the use of added value invoices for printing:In case the enterprise wants to order invoice printing – The dossier is made in two sets:
      • 02 copies of invoice printing proposal
      • 02 copies of Business registration certificate
      • 02 copies of the notices of approval of the application of VAT calculation methods by tax offices.
    • After about 5 working days, the enterprise will go to the tax office to receive the notice of approval to order the invoice printing and proceed to contact the printing agency to print the invoice.In cases the enterprises wish to purchase invoices (not printed) from tax offices for use, they shall make dossiers and procedures for invoice purchase at tax offices. Preparation documents (02 sets) include:
      • 02 invoice purchase request
      • 02 written commitment – Form No. CK01 / AC (Circular No. 39/2014 / TT-BTC dated March 31, 2014)
      • Two copies of notices of approval of application of VAT calculation methods by tax offices
      • 02 copies of notices of approval of electronic tax payment via banks
      • 02 vouchers certifying the payment of license tax
      • 02 copies of Business registration certificate
      • 02 copy of ID card of legal representative.
    • At the earliest after 5 working days, the tax office will have to report the result of self-printing or buying invoices for use of the enterprises.


  • Other things that need to be done after the establishment of the business include: hanging company’s banner at its headquarter, labor registration and labor insurance (if any),…
  • Tax obligations must be fulfilled within the prescribed time limit, if they are delayed, enterprises shall be subject to fines from tax offices

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